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Published on February 25th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


FNISS + HEMMA = 3-Season Lamp!

Materials: FNISS, HEMMA, drill, saw, utility knife

Description: We have a three-season porch attached to our garage that needed a new lighting solution. We have lots of IKEA in our house, so that’s naturally the first place I looked.

The porch has a few electrical outlets on the ceiling, so I was looking for some sort of pendant light, and knew that HEMMA would probably be involved. Sadly, most of the paper lanters seemed too delicate to withstand the extreme temperature and humidity [Minnesota] fluctuations. The solution seemed to be to use a plastic shade, but sadly, there didn’t seem to be one that provided the look and function that I was looking for…

Then I came upon the FNISS display.

- Take two (2) FNISS plastic wastepaper baskets.
- Turn upside-down and drill a few pilot holes, dead-center in the bottom.
- Continue cutting a hole with a small saw (I used a Fiskars camp saw) and utility knife.
- The finished hole doesn’t have to be perfectly round, but just big enough to fit the HEMMA light cord set.
- The flange of the HEMMA socket should cover any rough spots in the bottom of the basket.
- Screw together the two parts of the HEMMA socket, screw in your choice of lightbulb and hang using the provided hardware!


~ Tomasz Majewski, Richfield, MN

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2 Responses to FNISS + HEMMA = 3-Season Lamp!

  1. Kenneth Yu says:

    Genius!!! It’s a garbage can for shade!

  2. André says:

    Why did you take two of the wastepapers?

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