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Custom HEMNES Entertainment Center

Materials: HEMNES TV Stand, Bookcases and Shelf Bridge + Assorted As Is parts; table saw or circular saw, drill, hinges and magnetic catches for drawer fronts

Description: We had been looking for an inexpensive way to replace our old, ill-fitting TV stand with a real entertainment center with storage and ample space for books without going for full on built-ins. Last year I had measured out the smaller HEMNES TV stand and determined that the actual dimensions of the stand plus two bookcases and a bridge shelf was basically a perfect fit for the space we needed (the empty space to the right in the pictures is where a back door opens inward with only a couple inches to s pare). However, with the drawers and the dimensions of the various cubbies there wasn’t nearly enough room for all of our components nor a good place to put a center channel speaker.

During another visit to the showroom a year later I took another look and was able to map out a solution. The drawers at the bottom of the stand were sacrificed to make false drawer fronts that flip down on hinges for access. Since the bottom of the unit was empty without drawers I picked up a couple of $1 matching boards from the As Is rack and cut them down to size, mounted on standard shelf supports drilled into the frame so the shelves sit flush with the bottom of the front stretcher. Simple utility hinges painted black and magnetic catches up top complete the illusion. One side nicely hides a power strip and various accessories to keep cords corralled and out of the way. The other side holds the receiver with an IR remote control repeater so it can be operated with the “drawer” flipped up. A couple of computer case fans running behind the scenes keeps air flowing to prevent overheating in the enclosed space.

The center speaker is on a stand-alone HEMNES shelf cut down to size and notched to fit the bookcase edge contour; shelf supports are right on the edges without a center bracket. The weight of the speaker is all this has to hold (and maybe a picture frame or two), and there is no flex to the shelf at all.

The final piece was fitting the subwoofer in the bottom of a bookcase. The width was just about perfect out of the box, but the bottom front stretcher had to be moved about a foot higher. Hardware and dowel holes were re-drilled at the correct depth (a dowel center helps greatly for precise positioning here). Since the bookcases are screwed into studs I wasn’t too concerned about moving that main support piece a few inches higher. Even before screwing it to the wall there was no additional flex compared to the unmodified tower. Rock solid!

~ Ted, Washington, DC

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7 Responses to Custom HEMNES Entertainment Center

  1. Marcus Clark says:

    Hello, I’m about to buy one of these cabinets and plan to do the “flip down drawer hack” on the middle drawer of my unit. I’ve already purchased the magnetic latches mentioned in this post, however I’m yet to purchase hinges. Can anyone please tell me the dimensions of the hinges so that I can buy the right ones? TIA

  2. Wes says:

    What’s the height of the drawer on the Hermes? My amp is 6 1/4″ high with most of the venting on the top so even with fans I’d think I’d need 7 inches.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s an amazing job. I want to do the same with the drawers. What did you mean by “standard shelf support”? I’m quite new at DIY things. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you connect the bridge to the wall or is attached only to the bookcase. I have been considering this set-up but I cannot put any holes in the wall.

    • Anonymous says:

      The bridge comes with hardware to connect directly to the tops of the bookcase towers. IKEA also recommends securing the bookcases to the wall, which I’ve done. I wouldn’t personally leave the whole thing freestanding, but you could use the adjustable feet to angle the whole structure 2-3 degrees toward the wall to reduce tip over risk. With the bridge it’s top heavy, though.

      Another option I considered was bolting the bookcases to the TV stand. That would make it more stable as a unit, but I had no interest in crawling under to unbolt it every time I needed to pull the stand out to access some wire.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How is the depth on that unit?

    I’d love to replace my current setup with something where I could close the front, but my receiver usually has to stick out a little bit which makes that impossible.

    It seems like you have it working…but is it because your receiver is extra short or is the hemnes unit just rather deep?

    • Anonymous says:

      My receiver happens to fit almost perfectly (~17″ depth), there is no overhang at the back and the front is about flush with the flip down drawer front. I was more concerned with airflow in the back, but the small fans seem to be working fine. Depending on how close you want to get the TV stand to the wall you may have room in the back to let a receiver hang out a bit. I had to allow a little cushion anyway so I didn’t crush any wiring against the wall. There are 3″ blocks on the floor between the kick molding and legs so I can’t push the stand too far back by accident.

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