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Billy-Benno bookcase & DVD Block

Billy-Benno bookcase & DVD Block

Materials: 2 Billy Bookcase, 2 Benno CD Towers, power drill, screws

I have three of the old 60cm Billy Bookcases, and I’ve moved that many times that they’ve become a bit rickety, even went tightened up. I decided I’d like to have a bit of a bookcase screen near the door of my new apartment, but the billy’s would never stand on their own.Instead I put 2 Billy and 2 Benno Frames together (including backs) and screwed them to each other.

The Billy’s are attached to each other via the top and bottom fixed shelves. Each Benno is attached with back flush to each side of the Billy bookcase, via the top and bottom fixed shelves (one Benno on each side)

Billy-Benno bookcase & DVD Block
Billy-Benno bookcase & DVD Block

As luck would have it, after fitting the shelves in the Benno’s to the right height for DVD’s, there are just enough spare shelves to make a third rack between the two. To do this, it’s easy to get some shelf clips to hold them in place (although you might need to take the Benno’s down again to drill holes for them). However, all I had were screws, so, I have marked where the shelf should sit, and placed three screws (one to each side, and one at the back, into the side of the Billy bookcases) only half way into the wood, thus providing protrusions to keep the shelf up (i.e. the shelf sits on top of the screws)

Now I just need to find another 60cm Billy to do the other side of the room!! To the Ebay machine!

~ Juniper, Sydney, Australia

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3 Responses to Billy-Benno bookcase & DVD Block

  1. Petra says:

    Very creative use of these units — especially that extra space between the two Benno towers that essentially gives you 3 for 2 CD towers. You could even cut extra shelves out of wood and paint them a contrasting color to fill in the middle space all the way up. Or just use the leftover space to display your broom, since it looks like it would fit perfectly ;-)

  2. Sandy says:

    I think that is a wonderful way to create a screen! And it is very attractive and functional too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Someone will say it isn’t a hack but I say this is very clever and looks very useful. Congrats!

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