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Baby Fashionista Wardrobe (Baby Shower Gift)

Materials: Trofast Frame, White – Article Number: 300.914.52

Rather simple modification but a definite show stopper at baby showers. The great thing about this gift is that the family can choose to add to the Trofast system or it can later be used for dress up clothes or for doll clothes. This is one Ikea Hack with multiple uses.

1) Purchase Trofast Frame White (or any color)
2) Purchase Pink Trofast Storage box (Article Number: 501.158.62)
2) Purchase small adjustable curtain rod (can be found at Target)
3) Purchase heart mirrors with adhesive (can be found at Target)
4) Purchase Alphabet Stickers (Michael’s Arts and Craft Store)

1) Place the curtain rod tightly behind the lip of the Trofast system to conceal it and help avoid making the project look homemade.

2) Instead of place all the boxes in the system, only place one (approximately, 3rd row of holes from the bottom). This allows room for Baby Fashionista’s shoes

3) Then let the decorating begin. You can place the mirrored hearts on each side and on the bin so that the heart theme is carried constantly on the wardrobe

4) Last but not least add the baby clothes! Wardrobe looks best with clothes that are similar in color.

Optional Adds:

1) Light – Ikea sells a battery operated light, the “DIODER” that can be added near the curtain rod so Baby Fashionista can see all her clothes.
2) Clothing Hook – A clothing hook can also be added on one side to hang a hat, coat, pink boa, or anything else.

~ ChamRox, Los Angeles, CA

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22 Responses to Baby Fashionista Wardrobe (Baby Shower Gift)

  1. kat says:

    just wondering what size trofast you used for this? thanks!

  2. Ivan Keough says:

    Hey Anonymous,
    I love that you all seem to be fighting amongst yourselves. If one likes to be identified as a diva(her daughter as well) and another needs to make their kid the next george orwell, knock yourselves out have a good time. But let each other be and do not hide behind that anonymous tag……peace,love, and if you have nothing nice to say do without saying the negative……try it after a while you will find yourself in a better place. not anonymous

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quick question about this: I tried a similar set up, but my tension rod keeps slipping. Wondering if my rod is broken or if there is a specific type I should get (or a trick?) Any suggestions would be helpful….using it to store doll clothes. The clothes are tiny but the weight of them plus the hangers are pulling the rod down.

  4. I featured this at Sinful Sewing & Sweets as part of my 30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas. Check it out at
    Thanks for the cute idea,

  5. glimmer says:

    I love this idea for a dress up center! We don’t have an Ikea here, so while my husband was in Houston I sent him. We bought the wood trofast sytem and the same pink bin you did. I also had him buy a green small bin for jewelry,gloves, glasses, wands,etc. I think two smaller green bins would have worked better, because the clothes are folding onto the bin, except for the skirts. (My daughter wears size 3) I do have a little bit of a cheaper DIY for the letters. Dollar tree has repostionable /removable stickers for walls. I used princess set of alphabet letters and a sheet that says princess and has some other decals. They had a ton of different designs for boy or girl. It’s so adorable and just two bucks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great idea to use for my twins. Either for their dress up clothing or for some of their everyday clothes! Like the idea of having their clothes/shoes at eye level & in reach. Can think of many cute ideas based on this craft …thanks!

  7. remmus says:

    I love it. It can be easily modified for boys too. Kid have clothes and nee a place to put them. My bff used a tall wood trifast towet for her baby. Personally, I was sad to find out Ikea stopped selling the clothes rails, doors and drawers for troast. I went to get them and they no longer existed, I plan on doing this for my girl so she can get to her clothes, the cheap plastic drawrs they ar in now get moved so they can reach the bookcase. my son likes his nice dresser, so he may not get this hack.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am so going to make this for my dramatic little daughter. What a great way to organize her dress-up stuff. And what a freaking cute idea for a new mommy too! way to be creative!

  9. Anne K. says:

    If it lasts the next few years, it’ll make an excellent doll wardrobe. A young me would have loved it.

    I also played with my telescope, microscope, and “chemistry set” as a child, so shame on the first poster for the ridiculous gender stereotypes. I can’t even express how ignorant that comment is. Please don’t make assumptions about infant cognition when you know nothing other than worried-parent (do you have a child even?) folklore.

  10. MelD says:

    Different people, different strokes. Much as I love giving a classic children’s book to someone having a new baby, I might include some bootees or a jacket or something that I knitted, or if I saw a gorgeous baby outfit that seemed realistic, I might get that for a first baby and add a small toy, depending. I was given all kinds of things for my own 3 girls – some gave one outfit, books, kindergarten bags, first shoes, baby cologne, some East European friends gave me a stack of dresses for each baby (where this cute unit would have been really useful!) and wow, yes, I got a beautiful basket full of disposable diapers, decorated with ivy and ribbon with the baby’s name written on it – so thoughtful (this was 20 years ago). We used the basket for many years. Another popular way of giving diapers around here is as a “cake”, wrapped and tied with ribbons to make “layer-cake” and maybe other small stuff added as decoration on top – always a hit. So not cheap or boring!! This is what one daughter gave her sister when we became grandparents, as she is a poor student… young mom was delighted!
    Everything in moderation, I’d say.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Apologies for having an opinion…
    The post reads as if this is a baby shower gift, and I personally feel that’s a little OTT. I don’t let my children run around unclothed, but I also know there’s NO way I would’ve been able to make proper use of as many party dresses like these when they were newborns.

    But yay for all you amazing parents – where would we be without you!?

    • Zulaya says:

      Well, perhaps your experience and mine are different, but I have pretty much brand new baby dresses that my kids never wore. Which I didn’t know they weren’t going to wear until after the kid outgrew them so they were in the closet. The boys had two sets, cuz there were two boys, the first one never wore them so I got them out in the theory that they’d get worn now, and work colleagues etc always bought clothes.

      I actually think the best thing for a baby shower, especially for a second or later baby is diapers. But that’s me. I’ve never actually bought them for someone, because it feels so impersonal or cheap or something. I’ve also never gotten them, I assume for the same reason. No matter how you feel about clothes, you’re going to get them, and this is at least not a picture frame, not a baby blanket (probably have 30 of those), and not a dress for a 3 month old baby that will get outgrown in a month.

      I just don’t think it’s fair to criticize someone you’ve never met because she came up with a cute title for her shower present. I also think we have a lot of knee jerk reactions to “gender biased play.” If there’s a “baby fashionista” themed shower with guests asked only to bring ball gowns, maybe you have a point. Otherwise, there’s nothing inherently bad about clothes. When I worked with kindergartners, the dress up station was one of their favorites, especially with boys, believe it or not, possibly because they didn’t have that sort of opportunity at home.

      Yes, if you have a house where EVERYTHING is gender biased, it could be an issue, but I don’t go assuming that from a shower present.

      And not that you asked, but my own kids wore gowns till they started being mobile. It’s just way easier to change diapers, which is half of your life when they’re that little. I have about 20 gowns, and probably could have filled the baby fashionista with just gowns. You know, the kind Sweat Pea wore from Popeye, not the kind you wear to a formal ball.

      And my kids occasionally ran around unclothed, too. Generally with a diaper on.

  12. EvaS says:

    You go Zulaya! Seriously? Fashionista? books? What’s the problem? They are kids. My girl is my little fashionista who adores shoes let alone boots, and guess what? She LOVES books. We encourage her to read and probably she has the biggest bilingual library a 20 month old could have. Some people should take a moment before posting something like that. Plus, as per Zulaya said, dressing up encourages imagination. How do you think designers end up being designers?

    As for the poster, great idea. I may try to do something like that but for customs and shoes.

  13. Zulaya says:

    Great idea!

    As for books vs clothes, I was unaware that one had to choose between reading to baby and clothing baby. I was under the impression you could do both, and if you have clothes, you need a place to put them.

    Also, playing dress-up encourages all sorts of positive cognitive development, allows for creativity, and gives children a chance to try on different roles in life. Don’t underestimate it just because it’s “clothes.” Making your child a wardrobe does not mean you’re about to buy your 3 year old gift vouchers for plastic surgery.

    • Tell it Zulaya! Some people take themselves just a little too seriously. We have both clothing and books in our house and both are used often. To ChamRox – I love your hack and will probably use it for my daughters ‘pretend’ clothes.

    • Anne K. says:

      Amen. People who know absolutely nothing about infant development hardly have any right to say that clothing your infant will lead to plastic surgery and vanity.

      yep, giving your infant a Tolstoy novel will make them brilliant. if they noticed, baby books are nothing but fun colors and textures–enriching stimuli is all they need.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think I would have gone with 2 shallow drawers- for socks, tights, etc. But it’s a great idea and very easily expandable or customizable for later!

  15. That is such a cute idea! Love it!

  16. Anonymous says:

    we don’t do baby showers here but I do love buying baby clothes – yes I know not as educational as a good book etc BUT I love this idea as a dolls wardrobe present too!!! with the drawer for all the bits and pieces, and newborn hangers for dolls clothes… Great inspiration for adaptation :)
    Chris C

  17. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of using the Trofast as open, accessible clothes storage for children.

    But… Baby Fashionista? Seriously? I’d much rather a “buy the baby a book” shower than this any day… at least it sets the baby up for an educational childhood.

    • Anonymous says:

      not to be rude, but.. are you retarded or something?

      buying baby clothes in a cute decorative mini wardrobe is great, babies need to be clothed just like non-babies. books do nothing for infants, they just need enriching stimuli. the stupidity of your comment shocks me.

    • Anonymous says:

      It must really suck to be your child. Seriously, lighten up a little.

      I think its a clever hack and a pretty awesome gift for a baby shower.

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