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A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen

A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen

Materials: Faktum cabinets, Rubrik/Nexus sides and doors

Description: My idea was to create a professional looking kitchen using stainless steel and wood.

I hacked the angular corner base cabinet in order to fit to a double sink.
No carousel inside, empty space for a dustbin and cleaning products.

A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen
A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen
A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen
A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen

A 60 cm base cabinet was cut to provide open shelves for a small cooking library, and to extend countertop without obstructing transit towards the storeroom.

A large amount of nexus coverpanels were used to arrange upper coverage of refrigerator block and wall cabinets.

~ Lia Lovisolo, Italy

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65 Responses to A professional looking Faktum/Rubrik/Nexus kitchen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good kitchen, really really good.
    I only wonder about the worktop and the profile skirt…are both these ikea?
    The last question, what kind of budget for such a composition?


  2. giovanni says:

    Lia, your kitchen left me without breath.
    Maybe those who said it has no warmth said that because it’s… so cool ;-P.
    My personal opinion is, instead, that your kitchen emerges among an ocean of lack of taste.
    However, probably Italian and American tastes don’t match, as someone else already stated.
    I think I will imitate it a bit, although I can’t afford an iron countertop and nexus wall cabinets have been discontinued.
    I will use tidaholm, instead. Not as cool as nexus, but probably tougher, because the border is solid wood.
    I will do some hacks too, but won’t place the sink in the corner.
    When I’m done, I will post some pics here, if I have enough hacks to show.

  3. leilani says:

    I’m late to the party here, but this kitchen absolutely proves the old saying “de gustibus non est disputandum” – there’s no arguing about taste.

    Anybody who says this stunning kitchen looks like a morgue must live in an incredibly chic town with extraordinarily beautiful public health facilities.

    With the stainless cabs & counters juxtaposed against that gorgeous wood ceiling & floor, not to mention playing off the outstanding quality of light pouring in from the windows & loft above, the complaint by some here that this room is a cold & clinical cubicle is an exceptionally puzzling one – at least according to my “gustibus”.;-)

    Really, you’ve done a truly commendable job carving a sleek, handsome & highly functional kitchen out of that quirky little footprint, Lia. Your sparkling new kitchen would look very much at home on a fine yacht.

  4. Lia says:

    Several months have passed since the last time I wrote, and I would like to thank you all for the comments.

    My kitchen has grown up, in the meantime, with some further work and love. Really, I don’t feel like Kay Scarpetta, while cooking ;)

    Let’s have a look!

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157629148585665/

  5. Anonymous says:


    Thank you for sharing! The kitchen is beautiful. I too am trying to figure out how to bring modern look in to my “builder’s special” kitchen and all signs point to scrapping it, starting from scratch and take inspiration from your design.

    Great work!

    p.s. For all the critics, bring on your superior ideas and share!!!

  6. yk says:

    Hi Lia, I’m planning the kitchen layout for my new house too, and like yours it has a small and restricted kitchen space. Just want to ask how usable is the corner sink? I’m imagining great difficulty reaching heavy dishes in the right sink, especially for shorter people.

    • Lia says:

      Hi, sorry for the delay in my answer, hope to be helpful, anyway. The corner sink is easily usable even by shorter people. I’m 158 cm tall, and have no problem at all.


  7. Anonymous says:

    it looks great, some people are ignorant and think they know a thing or 2 about design or i guess they watch too much HGTV. I say lets see their “hacks” or designs for that matter…ohh thats right they come here to copy other peeps projects.


  8. Jenuwefa says:

    Lia, I love your kitchen – it looks fantastic. Ignore the critics – if the kitchen works for YOU and YOUR cooking style, then they have nothing to criticize. Every kitchen is going to have its “odd spot” – ours is a bit more serious than a double sink in the corner – our fridge and stove are right next to each other, which has caused our fridge’s temperature control to go on the fritz….but as it’s all built-in, there’s not much I can do with the layout now…. :-(

  9. Mimi says:

    I like the idea, and we’re drafting our new kitchen layout. I’ve actually flagged this entry as an option. I think it’s cool and could be functional for our needs. Thank you.

  10. faroq says:

    i love your kitchen – you’ve taken what you were given and made a very sleek functional space out of it. as someone who HAS worked in professional kitchens (actually cooking), and who lived in a 300 yr old apartment building in Firenze (talk about awkward spaces!) i can honestly say you’ve got a good space, one that i would be happy to work in. and talk about ease of cleanup! what a dream. ignore all those armchair cooks who think Emeril’s kitchen is the end-all be-all. you’ve done a great hack and deserve to be proud of your work!

  11. Anonymous says:

    No problem in accepting criticism, but, as someone above wrote, we are here to discuss Ikea hacks, not my (or your)cooking choices.
    I do not mean to misuse this place.


    • Anonymous says:

      You wrote “[...] my purpose was to create a working space separated from dining space (I hate eating in a messy kitchen).
      I love cooking, and I think that no large space is needed if you are a good chef ;)
      Think I’m pretty I.T. (or both of us are OT, you choose).

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh for god’s sake, quit it already


    • Anonymous says:

      I think some people have forgotten that the point of hacking Ikea products is to suit our own unique style and needs.

      Lia, I personally like this kitchen, and the hack and idea behind it are well-executed. I also commend your patience because your response was more courteous than a lot of these comments deserved.


  12. Anonymous says:

    our family lived for 4 years in Italy and our kitchen came with a sink cabinet (one of the lucky ones) our kitchen was a good size so we filled it up with some Ikea cabinets that where easly placed around our strangly placed sink oh BTW in the corner and our stove and fridge, I have seen kitchens in Italy that where no bigger then a closet. Regardles of what the outside world thinks an Italien kitchen should look like you have to also keep in mind it cost a lot of money to rerout water lines and if your renting the house it is not even posible so you do what you need to do, good hack, like it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    seems like you have troubles accepting criticism under certain circumstances. I’ll have a look at your house, hope it’ll be explanatory.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous: You should have had a look first before accusing her of lacking an ability to take criticism.
      In fact, I think Lia showed remarkable restraint in her post above, considering the many irrelevant and rather mean spirited comments above.

      I love your house and kitchen Lia.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I don’t agree. But I think this discussion is O.T. here.
    I just answered the questions.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Come on! you say you love cooking and you squeeze your kitchen into a 100 ft2 corner of your “quite big house”??? As you say, your kitchen pretends to be professional but it’s not (you’ve never been in a restaurant kitchen, have you?). Anyone who really loves cooking wouldn’t care about where he eats but where he cooks and YOU NEED space when you cook really well. And he would certainly invest much more in a high tech and first quality Italian kitchen rather than a neat dining room.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the heck is wrong with you? Why are you mounting a personal attack on Lia?
      And no, a large space is not necessarily required for really good cooking. Both my father in law and my brother in law are passionate professional cooks, and both can produce 3 Star meals in next to no space.
      Your assertions and unsubstantiated remarks: “Anyone who really loves cooking wouldn’t care where he eats” just shows remarkable ignorance on your part.
      Yes, Americans love their huge live-in kitchens (where most of them never really cook), but Europeans for the most part prefer to eat and entertain outside a kitchen that’s full of dirty pots and pans.
      Also, I’m pretty sure Lia did not just consider her own wishes while designing her house. She lives in Italy, so I’m pretty sure Italian cultural preferences influenced her decisions (as is the case for most everyone, and for good reasons). After all, she’ll be entertaining her Italian friends and family in her house, who might not appreciate eating in a messy and smelly kitchen.
      There are pros and cons for both live-in kitchens and separate kitchens. You deny Lia her preference by questioning her truthfulness (she cannot really love to cook, if she did, she would…..) is just ridiculous!
      For all our sake: sh… up and while you’re at it: grow up!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank you all for the comments, for the non enthusiastic ones, too.

    Some explanations:

    - This is a little kitchen in a quite big house. Why little? Because my purpose was to create a working space separated from dining space (I hate eating in a messy kitchen).
    I love cooking, and I think that no large space is needed if you are a good chef ;)

    A WORKING SPACE: funcional, essential, clean, the exact opposite of a cosy kitchen. So no surprise for me if many of you think that it seems like a morgue or a butcher shop. I’d rather compare it to a restaurant kitchen, but this is the deal.

    - Why did I put the sink in the corner? Because I renovate an old house following a long list of other priority objectives, and I was forced to put water connection just in that corner. So that was sink place. Not the optimal place to put a sink, I agree, but is a good solution if you cannot change the position of water connection. It is funtional, and thats all.

    - Why linear double sink and not angular? As someone noticed, to save space, and to fit to Ikea corner base cabinet.

    Some info I was asked:

    - The glass ceiling lamp is from “De Majo Illuminazione”

    - The counter top is custom designed, not Ikea.
    The whole furniture is Ikea, and that was the hacking matter.

    For the ones who want to see more of this kitchen (and my house), here is the link:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157629148585665/


  17. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it’s a place to comment on hacks, IKEA hacks to be precise.
    This is not a kitchen design website, and where and how Lia likes her double sink placed is really irrelevant.
    What matters is that she hacked the corner cab and she hacked another cab into a bookshelf. Comments such as: “this hack might have been improved by using cover panels as shelfs to help integrate the bookshelf into the rest of the kitchen.” would have been appropriate.
    All the comments about lack of warmth etc. are beside the point anyway, being a matter solely of preference. And saying: “Ikea veneer cabinets look cheap” show nothing more than the commenter’s cluelessness.


  18. Anonymous says:

    hope it’s a place to discuss about kitchens, not about manners. there must be something more behind all that, but I don’t catch it.
    hope to be always free to say what I think about sink position, and anyway i feel the whole thing kinda odd.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lia, I apologize on behalf of the rude anonymous posters. Please ignore their snide comments.

  20. Anonymous says:

    People: That sink is no issue for most Italians. It’s accepted there that small kitchens need outside the box ideas. Most Americans would probably rather live with a single sink, than risk embarrassment by stepping outside the box, after all, what would their friends say? While not for everyone and every situation, that sink obviously works for Lia in her small kitchen and was not put there by “mistake”, but is in fact a calculated design choice to make the best of her limited space.
    Kudos to her!


  21. Anonymous says:

    Sink sink sink (sing it like Robbie Williams)

  22. Anonymous says:

    if that is a very well designed kitchen, I dunno what the hell are we talkin about.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Looks extremely cheap and careless, IMO. Wood veneer cupboards, clashing white inner shelves and corner… Much interior designer wannabe, poor taste, lot of mistakes. Hope it didn’t cost much (effort&money)

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s wrong with wood veneer? There are 20 year old wood veneer kitchens that look perfectly good to this day, and everyone is redoing their kitchens every 10 years or so anyway.
      Plus: Veneers are green, ecological products, versus solid wood. And this is the IKEA hackers website, just about all cabinets at Ikea are veneer in one form or another. If you don’t like Ikea, I suggest you stay away from this site.


    • Anonymous says:

      Definitely right, Beth. Thought this was about good quality and well designed kitchens. Your Italian friend should have her kitchen made by the same provider who made her steel countertop (not IKEA, let me guess), otherwise her kitchen and your indignation don’t make much sense, do they?

    • Anonymous says:

      is the steel countertop not IKEA?

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course not!

    • Anonymous says:

      People rip their whole kitchens out, whatever material their made of, because they feel that their 10 year old kitchens are outdated, not because of any disrepair.

      Many of my neighbors are replacing their chocolate brown solid wood custom kitchens from ca. 2000 or even later and replacing them with white painted ones, because white kitchens are fashionable right now. New owners will very likely rip out these kitchens in another 10 years, because some other look will be the fashion. That’s just how it goes here in the US and I bet that’s not too different in many Western European countries.

      Also, solid wood cabinets and doors do not necessarily last longer. After a prolonged electricity outage 2 years ago, my Mom’s expensive solid wood drawers and doors on solid wood cabs, don’t open and close properly anymore. While my Ikea kitchen stayed 100% unaffected by the heat and humidity they encountered for about 10 days.

      Many fewer hardwood trees are being cut down to manufacture veneered furniture. So yes, veneer IS a green choice.


    • Anonymous says:

      Amen to that! Thanks Beth.


  24. Anonymous says:

    I love this look! Morgue? Butcher shop? Lack of warmth? No way! All the wood and stainless steel look great together.

    The sink in the corner? In such a small kitchen the double sink is a luxury. With regular corner sinks one loses precious countertop space and all the corner space behind the sinks is unusable anyway. This is unconventional thinking. Kudos, for such an out of the box solution.

    I do think that the horizontal line created by the top of the steel backsplash, is distracting to the eye though. IMHO, a continuous backsplash, from countertop to upper cabinets would really improve the look of this otherwise so very well designed kitchen.


  25. Anonymous says:

    if you don’t cook, hiding the sink is a great idea.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m not getting the whole problem of corner sinks, I’m afraid. What’s the big deal? A sink like this one may not be as comfortable as the standard corner double sink, but at the very least it doesn’t waste the space in the corner proper. I have a standard corner sink and right now I’m honestly wishing I thought of a simple double sink going straight in the corner, that would have left a lot more of usable counter space.

    BTW: nice kitchen, wonderful professional look, in my opinion.

  27. Anonymous says:

    nobody puts the sink in a corner. [baby]

    • Anonymous says:

      well,seems someone really did as fas as i can see. Ridiculous.

    • jo says:

      why ridiculous? to me it is more practical than having a one sink. when you’re not cooking often, or when using a dishwasher a double sink in the corner is more than acceptable.
      i could live with a sink in the corner, but not with a one-sink sink.
      finally, a sink in the corner is what i ikea-planned and bought to my mother’s kitchen. and it is not the main problem we have, at the moment….

    • Anonymous says:

      thumbs up for the dirty dancing quote (which no one caught yet :)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why in the world would anyone even think of putting a sink in a corner??

  29. Cecile says:

    I love the stainless…a commercial kitchen look without the commercial kitchen price. The timber does add warmth, and I love the lift-up cabinets.

    I too am wondering about the benchtop, from IKEA or custom made?

  30. kenavo says:

    How can you work with a sink in a corner?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I am curious about the stainless steel countertop as well. Any info on cost and size?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get behind putting the sink in the corner like that, but I do love me some stainless!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dexter would appreciate it, I suppose.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Modern? The hanging ones of my grandmother’s kitchen are the same as him: too little.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Modern yes. Warm? Not at all.
    To me it looks something in between a morgue and a butchery.

  36. 337 says:

    where would you put the sexy meat slicer if the sink wasn’t in the corner? good looking kitchen. I don’t agree with the lack of coziness – it’s stainless, wood, and white walls. modern and warm.

  37. Anonymous says:

    why did you leave that white corner?

  38. Anonymous says:

    The morgue of Kay Scarpetta looks cozier, I’m afraid.

  39. Anonymous says:

    the kitchen in the canteen where I work is a lot cozier.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Very goodlooking! Does Ikea have that stainless steel countertop, or did you get it from a different supplier?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Could you name the lamp in Picture #1?

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