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The other cat tree


Searching the internet for a cat tree, which did not look like one, I landed on An I found the tree of Maria and Jan Ove Gjerde Strand, Norway.

I was immediately impressed and inspired by this tree, because it is easy to clean and defective parts can be changed easily.

Now you can see here the German version.

One hole drilled with a 52mm holesaw through the LACK table (used with only 3 legs)
Steps made of 4 ANTONIUS shelves also drilled with 52mm holes for the STOLMEN pole and 9mm holes for the STOLMEN fastening kit.

For a better look, I’ve painted the nuts white

The ANTONIUS shelves I have partially covered with BORRIS floor mats, these are rubberized on the back so no further fastening is necessary

~ Boris S., Germany

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8 Responses to The other cat tree

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely and very shapely and stylish! Great job!!! A thought: Thicker shelf boards could allow/hold/support a smallish hole shaped like a shallow square/rectangular platsic tub/bin, then kittehs can go into the tub/bin rather than build onto the shelves. One of the shelves closest to the wall could be attached with a shelf support or wall attached for security. I was hard for me to tell if that was alread done. Regardless, I do think the cats need a snuggle spot with supported sides.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a cat tree similar to this and the cats are always climbing it and napping on the shelves. One thing they really like is that I wrapped the center pole (a 4×4 wood post in my case) tightly with 1/4″ sisal rope. They just love sharpening their claws on the rope.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the meantime our cats have convinced us, that pillows an blankets are mandatory.
    Of course we obeyed the command and fitted out the tree.

  4. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Pretty cool! The only thing it could use is a place on top for kitty to get inside for napping. If there is any way to hang a hammock along the way, even if it’s beneath a shelf, that would be nice for your kitty – that is if he/she will get onto it! That big window is nice. You should consider adding a viewing shelf for kitty to watch the outside world. All in all: Good Job!

    • HeatherH says:

      I volunteer at an animal shelter, and we’re always noodling over new ways to make our cats and dogs comfy in their rooms. We’ve suspended blankets below shelves to make hammocks as follows:
      1. Secure eye hooks to the underside corners of a shelf
      2. Create double-layered fleece blanket hammocks to the size of the shelf and securely sew looped tabs at each corner of the blanket.
      3. Loop a carabiner through each tab and clip the carabiner to the eye hook.

      The cats LOVE these, and the blankets are easy to remove and change out for washing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t seem very nice for the cats ! There are no cosy areas on it. I’m not a fan of the cat tree hacks just because they never turn out brilliant. If you’re not too worried about your budget just get a snazzy one from petfun in germany. Obviously, that is if you’re from europe otherwise it would cost a fortune to ship.

  6. Lez Renovate says:

    This is quite lovely! one member of my household wants a cat tree. I think they are hideous. You may have solved a significant problem for us!

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