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Lindmon mosaic tiles

Lindmon mosaic tiles

Materials: Lindmon natural, wood stain, grater

Description: This hack is using Lindmon blinds to make decorative mosaic tiles. The blinds used in these pictures are natural coloured ones and this is probably your best bet as these are minimally treated and the wood stain is sticking to them well. Even with one set of blinds you will get more than 1 m2 of tiles.

Start by cutting the strings for the blind assembly. Then cut the pieces so that you get tiles. One way to do this is to use a sharp knife and cut in to the wood on both sides and then break of the pieces. You could also use a fine saw or a band saw. To get the staining to stick you should sand the pieces or you could use a grater to rough up the surface. The tiles in these pictures are grated.

Lindmon mosaic tiles
Lindmon mosaic tiles

Mix the wood staining in a sauce pan and dip the tiles in the stain. Only dip a short while or you will distort them. Let them dry on paper towels. The powder based wood stains is cheap and you can mix the colour solutions how you like to get more colours. Some of the tiles in the pictures are dipped in several colour solutions to get a different effect.

Use the tiles to decorate, either by using wood glue or by using double sided tape. The Noresund have tiles around the rim.

~ Eric Å, Gothenburg, Sweden

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4 Responses to Lindmon mosaic tiles

  1. Such a natural look. How creative you are!
    Tina in San Diego

  2. Anonymous says:

    The mosaic tiles are cool. But I’d get rid of the scroll work around the tiles/mirror…detracts from the interesting tiles you made.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow, very creative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i especially like that you didn’t sand the tiles all smooth and perfect….love the patterns the grater made! thanks for sharing, i can already see a lack tabletop covered in these!

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