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Custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Materials: PERFEKT ABSTRAKT cabinets, plywood, glue, IKEA hardware

Description: We have an a walk through space from our dining room to our family room that we use as a bar. Since we moved in early this year, we just threw a collection of random furniture pieces in the space. After not finding anything that fit the space perfectly with the look we wanted, we decided on hacking some kitchen cabinets for this purpose. We just renovated our kitchen with IKEA cabinets so it was a very easy process.

Custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets
Custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets

We used the PERFEKT ABSTRAKT hanging wall cabinets for this bar/buffet piece. The railing system is so easy to use. Once that was on and level in the space at the height we wanted we put together our cabinets and hung them on the railing.

We went to the nice lumberyard in town and picked up some mahogany plywood. They have a great selection of wood in plywood form, which is always a great thing for projects like this. It ends up being much cheaper than other alternatives and the finish is great. We came home with the full plywood sheet cut down to size.

Custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets

We wanted a thicker top than the standard size of this plywood. Thicker pieces are more expensive so to save some cash, we glued down two pieces together. And weighed it down with all sorts of other stuff to make sure the seal with tight and we managed to keep it from warping.

After a good sanding, we stained the top with a dark stain that matches our floors throughout the house. We used tung oil to seal the surface instead of a poly. We have used this on other custom furniture pieces in our house and love the finish.

We added a little IKEA hardware as a finishing touch and there you have it. Our very own custom dry bar made from hanging wall cabinets. I really love how it cleans up the space. It will also be great to use as a buffet when we host dinner parties too.

See more of the custom bar.

~ Anna, United States

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  2. Sharonnelt says:

    I am so doing this – Thank you so much for the idea. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You don’t describe finishing the cut edge of the plywood. The close up does not look like stained plywood edge.

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