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Big RAT house for the rat

Materials: Gorm system

Description: You might be asking..”What a strange introduction to a hack..” I’d like to introduce the house of our 5 rat girls..

As a new cage for our rat pack would be WAAAY to expensive..my gf and i decided to have a go at it ourselves..Meaning – I’d have a go ;)

It all started with a trip to the nearest Ikea store and the purchase of this.

Price ok, everything ok..and now what??

This is how it looked when we got it home..

You will need one of these..

Cut pieces…


Special tray for food, toys…stuff :)

Wheels for extra mobility (2.99€ for 4)

Activate this..:)

The neighbours like me a bit less..but what has to be done, has to be done..

As we all know how sneaky rats are… I’d rather put in 100 extra staples than search for the rat in our apartment.

The netting is cheaper in a roll than in one piece… we need the same thing to hold the Space Shuttle together…cable ties.

The best cage is useless without doors..

Take care you get straight pieces… crooked wood will not help your project..


Interior design…

Fresh from England..Sputnik rat houses..

Litter box with small Samla toilet.., rat Manca has to pose..

The 2-nd Sputnik hanging on the ceiling-again – cable ties..:)

I hope you like my work..:)

See more of the Gorm rat cage.

~ Marko, Slovenia

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12 Responses to Big RAT house for the rat

  1. annoymous says:

    this is terrible! rats in cages. it offends me

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont want to be a downer, but is that pine framework? The house is nice to look at, but not so nice if it gives your rats breathing problems!

  3. Mojca says:

    Uau, bravo! Kje se pa tole mrežo najcenej dobi?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this–you did a fabulous job! My rats were always in old aquariums (100 gallon ones) with lots of climbing things inside. We usually let them out once a day to run around the house, too. I never thought of building something like this. You’ve inspired me–now hopefully my husband will let me have rats again sometime (he loved them, too, but their lifespan is so short and I cry a lot when I lose a pet). Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing! And very inspirational. I’ve been trying to think of something similar for my Gecko’s for quite a while, this looks pretty darn good. Looks like I’m off to Ikea :) Cass

  6. Woodrat says:

    I am sure your rat ladies love this house very very much. I hear that wood rat houses inevitably get stinky, but like you said, you can replace pieces or even glue plastic onto floors, etc. My rats live in a Ferret Nation cage with a 4′ x 2′ folding aluminum table against it that they can access from the upper level by some “stairs.” I cover the table with fleece fabric and they have boxes to hide in on the table. A new member of the gang may, rarely, fall off ONCE while learning the ropes, but it’s not high enough off the floor to hurt them and it generally never happens again. Apart from that, they always stay on the table or occasionally climb to the top of the cage. It’s in my centrally located kitchen where I can interact with them in the open. I just hate to shut them in the cage and learned this from a rat-lover friend. My girl Janey is watching me from the table right now. :) Such affectionate and intelligent pets!

  7. Eva says:

    Yes..rats gnawing can be a problem..the entire cage is designed so, that individual floors can be replaced/changed over if need be. No glueing..just screws.. Up until now..no gnawmarks.. I hope it stays like this..
    Thanx for all the kind words..its good to hear an ratowners oppinion..

  8. Mymakao says:

    Hey! Very beautiful ! I just want to say that I had rats before, and I’ve construted a kind of cage like that. That was very very great for them (a lot of place, hidde, etc.) …….. until they begun to “eat” the wood Even if they had some stuf to be tormented teeth … I think that was because of stress between all of us…) ! So be careful of that, if they begin, it will be very difficult to stop them after. Hope they’ll not.

  9. pneu says:

    Well, done, Marko! I love the creative thinking (and a bit of muscle) that you put into making a comfortable place for your pets. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Eva says:

    The toilet part is cleaned out daily (sandy bit). The rest weekly..the rats dont seem to like the sputniks eather..they prefer their Samla box house. Strange rats:-)
    Greatings from Slovenia

  11. Halloway says:

    We just let our rats run around the house. Well, I say ‘our’ rats…

  12. Helen says:

    Looks good! How often do you clean it out; weekly with daily spot-cleans?

    I think i’m the only person in the world who hates sputniks! Though it is fascinating how so many rats can squeeze thelseves in to just one!

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