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Spray-painting Ikea Kassett Boxes

Materials: Kassett boxes, school glue, paint brush, and spray paint

Description: -If needed, remove metal fasteners and label holder from the bottom of the box and flatten it out to be spray painted.

-Prepare the lid to be painted by using school glue and a paint brush to brush glue on the metal parts of the lid. Make sure the metal gets a good coat (it only requires one) especially around the round fasteners on the sides.

-Once the glue dries you can spray paint the two parts whatever rockin’ color you’ve picked.

-When the lid is almost dry, like just a tiny bit tacky, you can start peeling the paint off the metal. It comes off easily and clean. There may be a few specks on the edges where there may not have been enough glue but they flick off easily with your nail or an exact-o knife.

-Wait for the top and bottom to be completely dry then put them back together and you’re done! Super easy and now you have a box in the exact color you wanted!

See more of the painted Kassett.

~ Laurie Millar

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6 Responses to Spray-painting Ikea Kassett Boxes

  1. Paul0075 says:

    Great idea. I’ve got some green ones to convert to white.

    Now I just need to find more of them, now they’ve been discontinued.

  2. barbara hutsell says:

    I just discovered you and I am so pleased. I’m attempting to strengthen my large Kasset boxes so that they will be my files but also stack and be a side table for our recliners. I’m going to try decoupage fabric I think. I let you kow how it turns out. Thanks Jules for having this grreaat site and the rest of you for posting.

  3. Mandy says:

    ThIs was one of the best hacks ever! My husband and I did this to our large Kassett boxes in red to match our sofa. The first time we did it I don’t think I used enough glue so it was a challenge to peel and chip off the paint, so the second time we taped off the corner pieces and had a much easier time, but the results were fantastic and I love them! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Ah that is amazing! I bought those green boxes to go with my room like four years ago, and now I’m moving and planning on using them in my living room, and they don’t match the orange and pale blue we’re doing very well! Now I can store in style!

    Jess @ That’s Sew Crafty

  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! Question…did you use Elmer’s School Glue as mentioned or Elmer’s Glue-All like in the picture?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! What a useful little hack.

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