Published on December 3rd, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Malm Lego play table

Materials: Two Malm 2-drawer dressers, two Lego building plates, saw, some screws, screwdriver, glue.

Description: We were designing a playroom for our kids, and I wanted to add an Lego play table. I had seen several, but I wanted…… to put less effort in it!

So I picked two old white Malm 2-drawer dressers. I pulled off the hardboard back plates and removed all remaining nails. Then I positioned the dressers back to back. From one of the hardboard plates I sawed two thin slices of wood that, with some screws, would fit perfectly as ‘tape’ to tape the dresser’s backs to eachother. Just position the wooden slices on the inside of the dressers and fasten them screws.

When you glue the Lego base boards on top and fill the drawers with lego, you’re done. You’ll be surprised how mach Lego (and Duplo) fits in four drawers!!!

~ Janine, Rotterdam

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5 Responses to Malm Lego play table

  1. Cool idea – I am going to search ebay and the like.

  2. Tenant says:

    That is an amazing idea! I have been agonizing over all of the toys scattered all over the apartment from when my daughter takes something out of her toy chest and runs through the house with it only to drop it somewhere (like the middle of a hallway) only to go back and pick something else out! The legos may not work as well for a girl but this give me an idea to do the same type of thing with a doll house. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a neat idea, but those sharp edges are a nightmare, especially the corners. Imagine a child stumbling or slipping and hitting their head on one of those! Ikea offers a range of child safety devices, including, I believe, soft protective covers that you can stick on the corners. I would definitely do that.

  4. Joel Lustre says:

    Very cool! What do you think about adding a lip around the perimeter of the top to keep Lego pieces from falling?

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