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iPepiter, laptopless music sheet reader

IKEA Brada music sheet stand

Materials: Brada laptop stand, camera mount, camera tripod

Description: The kids started learning music, so a music stand soon comes in handy. Yet another single-use tool to stroll around our small house, that looks like some of the other single-use tools that already stroll(ed) around.

Thought of figure sawing a plate to mount on one of those other tools, the camera tripod until I saw another laptop2iPad Brada hack; perfect : cheap, simple, pretty, solid … perfect

All you need is just a camera mount thread, usually 1/4 inch, 20 winds. You can find threaded inserts, or use a nut but I destroyed my end of life analog Minolta 404si for it (ask daddy before you do this at home).

The Minolta part was ideal, fitted my drilled hole tightly but decided to add some (excessive) glue just to be sure.

Now we have a laptop/iPads stand, kitchen/study book mount AND the best music stand in the world (with the pivoting camera mount I can have the music an inch of my nose in any position I can imagine).

This hack maybe so minimal that Ikea should incorporate this in their design ;-)

See more of the Brada music stand.

~ Peter Janssens, Belgium

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3 Responses to iPepiter, laptopless music sheet reader

  1. the666bbq says:

    you could improve the design btw by making the platform wider so it has a larger contact area with the tripod-fix/quick-release (@ikea ;-)

    (you could permanently glue the quick-release too but than it is not as flexible and not as cheap of course)

  2. the666bbq says:

    those are very easy too (no ikea materials used though, apart from a pencil because I came short of a few joint pegs ;-) .
    I contoured the ‘base’ instrument of the group (folk-guitar and the electric cello) and whipsawed it with a margin at either side; the margin being approximately 2 inches/5cm what is about the size of the broomstick+pipe insulation that is used to connect the individual plates (3 stick-connections, 2 at the base, one to support the instrument at its side); the padded stick is placed within the outisde margin, so your original contour line is in line with the contour of the instrument and the interior margin keeps the instrument from falling (don’t know if that makes sence without a drawing ;-) .
    For the cellos I did not spot that the pin-side was quite round so the rack wasn’t self-supporting like the guitar one, and I had to cut f-hole inspired legs. And for the cello version I glued acoustic insulation foam on the insides to protect the instruments from scratching. Added two tools storage hooks to the cello one too to hang two violins ;-)

    A cheap solution to store many instruments.

    Son and daughter started music, and this easy access makes the storage not only pretty ideal for practice (no struggling with the soft cases, timely unpacking, and less out of tune instruments in the process,…)

  3. Ray says:

    Music reader is interesting but tell us about the stands in the background.

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