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Ekby Alex Writing/Sofa Table

IKEA Ekby Alex desk

Materials: Ekby Alex & Vika Lage/Moliden

Description: I was in search for a very small writing table, but could never find one that would fit my small space. I’ve seen the Ekby used a few times, but not in the combo I ended up using (at least not yet).

Anyway all you need is the Ekby Alex & either the Vika Lage/Moliden legs. It’s pretty simple, attach the legs to the Ekby. I pre-drilled the holes to prevent the wood from being damaged further. After I put it together I noticed it was a little tall, not too bothersome though. I have my chair on the highest setting and it’s comfortable. This could also be used as a sofa table. When I rearrange I plan on trying it out as that.

~ Carolyn, TX

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8 Responses to Ekby Alex Writing/Sofa Table

  1. Glenda says:

    What size are these legs? Since this post was published some time ago, not sure if these are the legs I bought. Mine are Adils, not sure if Ikea changed the name, but mine look exactly like these. Can you clarify? Also, did you got different screws? I am afraid mine will damage the drawers.


  2. Tanya says:

    I want to use the Ekby Alex, with the brackets to hold my dvd player and bookshelf stereo, below my flat screen tv. I plan to mount the flat screen above the Ekby so I can turn move/turn it. It’ll give me space on my dresser and a shelf that I have my stereo on can be used for something else. I just have to find a better antenna so that I can pick up more channels.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I made this with the CURRY legs, and it was wobbly and terrible. The legs were too close together for it to be stable due to the wide disk at the top that attaches it to the bottom of the unit. It might be more stable with the thin legs like LAGE/MOLIDEN which can be placed further apart.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome but VIKA CURRY legs are a LOT cheaper. all 4 legs for the price of one Vika Moliden leg.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cute, but once again I have to ask, as always with these tables, WHERE DO YOUR LEGS GO?

  6. Joinery says:

    Simple yet elegant but this table is not suitable for those who are very cluttered in their things!

  7. Dave Wujcik says:

    Hmm, could be a nice DJ table… what are the full top dimensions?


    — Dave

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s cute, but I’d not pile expensive DJ equipment on it without bracing those long legs. One push to either side with 60lbs of weight on it and you’ll have a MAJOR COLLAPSE.

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