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Skruvsta upholstery

IKEA Skruvsta reupholstered

1 Skruvsta Swivel chair, 3m Kajsastina Fabric, stapler,staples, staple remover, sewing machine, scissors and a wrench n°10

Description: Time to change my white Skruvsta swivel chair.

IKEA Skruvsta reupholstered
IKEA Skruvsta reupholstered
IKEA Skruvsta reupholstered

Step 1: Get all your tools.
Step 2: Remove the four bolts underneath the chair with a wrench n° 10. If you have separated both parts put the bolts back on, so you don’t loose them and protect yourself for step 3.
Step 3: Start removing the staples, I didn’t count them but there are many of them. Be careful, injuries are possible.
Step 4: After removing all the staples, now take the fabric off and loosen all the seams, but mark your patterns so it is easy to fit them together afterwards.
Step 5: Place your patterns on your new fabric and start cutting.
Step 6: Sew all your patterns together.
Step 7: Put the fabric back on the chair and start stapling.
Step 8: Place the underframe back and tighten the bolts.
Step 9: Last but not least, put the pillow back, take a seat and relax…

~ S&M, Belgium

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6 Responses to Skruvsta upholstery

  1. Gabriela says:

    I also would love to have the pattern so I could try making a removable one! :D

  2. Dyje says:

    You don’t happen too still have the patterns lying around? I would really like to try something similar w my two SKRUVSTAs.

  3. I love Kajastina fabric. We had it in Canada several years ago. Then it came back last year so I stocked up a ton. Lovely job!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love your kitty!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cool! I just found some red (ewww) SKRUVSTA chairs for $20 on craigslist! This is great!

  6. W says:

    I love this idea!!

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