Published on November 20th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


My Expedit Vika Bar

Materials: Expedit, Vika Amon, Capita, Grundtal

After moving in my new (and smaller) apartment, I had leftovers : a Vika Amon desk and an Expedit shelf, and I was tempted to make something to finish the living room, so I decided to combine the two into a bar.

First, I had to get the shelf off the ground, so I put Capita legs on the bottom.

Then, I found by accident in the sale section three Grundtal led spotlights that I of course pictured on the bar (it’s always better with light :3)

Then all I needed was some more Capita brackets on the top in order to fix the table top, and Tadaa !

Come by, have a drink !

See more of the Expedit Vika bar.

~ Sam-Play, France

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7 Responses to My Expedit Vika Bar

  1. shelf says:

    @sam-play – do you have any photos of the holes you drilled through the top of the expedit?

    even if you take a tiny snap of the finished work (close up on the top brackets), it will help.

    wondering which piece of chipboard you went through. thanks

  2. Sam-play says:

    As a matter of fact we did drill holes in the expedit shelves in order to fix the capita brackets, so far the hack is as solid as I want it to be (and I made this in february, it is still standing, even after quite a lot of parties ;) ) a good solution would have been to put sealing foam in the hollow part of the expedit to make it stronger? (I’m not sure of my english there, sorry if it’s not good :/)

    @Frederico : The Vika desktop is wider than the expedit shelf, therefore you can turn this hack into a “high table” if you want to, there is enough space under it for your legs :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to copy part of this design for a standing desk, but I’m seriously curious to know how he managed to attach the two pairs of CAPITA without drilling a whole through his tabletop.

    Also since the brackets are upside down and screwed into a half-inch piece of chipboard (the weakest part of the EXPEDIT) I’m a little concerned for the strength of this hack, I don’t think it would take much punishment.

    Will post pics if I get a decent solution to this problem, but I’m not expecting to.

  4. Federico says:

    I checked the expedit shelfs and the vaka desks…

    2 expedit shelfs are 158 cm and the vaka is 150 long.. it’s not all covered right?

    sorry for my bad english

  5. Anton says:


    how did you fixate the Capita brackets in your Expedit?

    I’d like to rebuild this hack for a standing desk with Expedit on casters :)


  6. Matt says:

    Where is the like button?! ;) Good job.

  7. maya says:

    Wow! Très chic. I dig it, bravo!!

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