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Mosaic Coffee Table

DIY klubbo mosaic table

Materials: Klubbo coffee table

Description: I had this chocolate Klubbo coffee table for quite some time. It’s getting some chips and wear so I decided to give it a new layer so a new look.

I got some turquoise, magenta and ceramic mosaic tiles. Some of the tiles were nipped into 4 tine squares.

Scratches were made on the table surface for a better adhesion of the tiles to the former veneer surface. The tiles were then glued to the table top according to my design.

The tiles were left to dry overnight. On the following day, grouting was then done to fill up the gaps in between the tiles. Grouting and cleaning up the grout were the most tedious steps as there were 5 sides to work on ( the 4 sides and the top). I used unsanded grout. After drying, some grout actually sunk in. So I had to grout a second layer to create smooth surface.

DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table
DIY klubbo mosaic table

I took some effort to clean away the access grout, then to finally achieve a smooth surface. I got some grout waterproofing liquid and applied onto the white grout. This helps protect the white grout from staining.

~ Wai Hoong, Singapore

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11 Responses to Mosaic Coffee Table

  1. lisha says:

    hey Wai Hoong,

    Love your table!. I have a lack table that im thinking of redoing. I see that you are in Singapore, where can I buy these tiles from and how much would they cost me?

    Thanks! :)

  2. Limor says:

    Please tell me how much this would cost to make. I love the idea of this. You are very talented. I need to go to Ikea and buy the table. I also need to buy the tiles and supplies. Thanks. LM

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe a dumb question: where do you get those little square tiles and in those colors? I’ve looked and can’t find anywhere that has them in stock so they have to special order, and there’s a minimum quantity to order, etc.

  4. Kitteh says:

    Am not into butterflies, but the quality of this hack is excellent. Really. Admire your attention and care for this table there :)

  5. WaI Hoong says:

    Thank you all. This table is really stable and sturdy. There is actually a metal frame around the tabletop.

    Although hollow, the inside of the table top is made up of honeycomb design (like aeroplane wings) so it can take very heavy weights. I can
    even stand on the table top.

    Just that the corners need care and planning so they won’t be too sharp.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very Pretty! Such a nice job.
    Amy – Chicago, USA

  7. Laurel says:

    Beautiful table — I love the colors and design.

  8. majeral says:

    Nice I once did a kitchen counter in an very old house. It took the whole weekend but was really nice. The owner of house liked it so much he left it. Now I am looking for something to do thanks ..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice Job! I hope the table is sturdy enough to not bend and break grout if too much pressure is applied. Also, as an x-tiler, they make special grouts for fatter grout lines which will not deflate after drying. Most standard grout is not meant for such thick usage. I will never forget how much work it is to keep cleaning the grout off the tiles as it is setting up – such a very narrow opportunity window. But the end result is always amazingly beautiful when it is finished!

  10. Natalie says:

    That is really nice. I think I’ll try it on a smaller scale first!

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