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Glass Panel Headboard

Glass Panel Headboard

2 Billy Olsbo glass doors, your choice of fabric/paper/etc, blue painters tape, comand picture hanging strips.

I really wanted a headboard for my Ikea bed, but didn’t find one in the store that I liked. So I decided to make my own.

This headboard is mounted onto the wall behind the bed, but still looks really great. And it’s easy to customize to your decor depending on which fabric you use. You could also use wallpaper or wrapping paper, or even family photos.

1. Unpack the bookcase doors and lay front side down on the floor.
2. Cut your fabric to cover each of the glass panels and tape in place with the blue painters tape. (I used a fabric shelf liner that looks like a bamboo mat to make my headboard, but you could use anything you like.)
3. Measure and mark where you want your headboard to be mounted on the wall. you will mount one glass door on top of the other one. I mounted the first one just at the top of my side tables, about an inch or 2 above the top of my bed frame.
4. Follow instructions on the command picture mounting strips to mount each door onto the wall, placing them on the wooden part of the door. Be sure to use enough of the picture mounting strips to hold the weight of each of your completed doors.

Glass Panel Headboard
Glass Panel Headboard

You’re done! (I waited about half a day to make sure the headboard would stay on the wall and the command strips adhered properly before I slept on the bed.)

Glass Panel Headboard

~ Shannon

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4 Responses to Glass Panel Headboard

  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually did this same thing but using a birch and frosted glass door (don’t remember thename). I used a cleat for the top. It is much more supportive and is typically used for wall mounted headboards. I used the command tape at the bottom to keep it from knocking on the wall. Safe and quiet?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wondered about the same issues. Look nice, though.

  3. Alice says:

    Anonymous, I scrolled down to comments to ponder the same thing. I tend to hit my head or press against the headboard. I’d be a bit worried about leaning up against that glass even reading a book in bed.

    I always feel bad critiquing someone else’s hard work without using my name, but I don’t want to talk about “recreational activity” online using my name either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How safe is that during “recreational activity”?

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