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From Stool to Bedside Locker

Materials: ODDVAR stool, INGMAJ curtain, 2 drawer slides, white paint, staple gun

Description: We needed a small bedside table for our guestroom. As always, instead of simply buying one, we went to IKEA and got a stool named ODDVAR (77996709) and a curtain named INGMAJ (00212714). Using these and two drawer slides, we created a bedside locker with a sliding top board. In case you want to have your own:

You assemble ODDVAR exept for the top and paint both pieces. Then you cut the curtain (or any other thick fabric) into four pieces for the sides (15 x 25 cm) and two pieces for the bottom (33 x 24 cm). Put the curtain pieces and the bottom part of the stool together using a staple gun. The two bottom pieces are put on crossed, so there are no gaps, where anything could slip through.

Mount the top board using the drawer slides (or two hinges, but then you’ll have to take everything off the table before opening it). Aaaaannnndd: You’re done. We used some of the curtain fabric for a small tablecloth. First thing we put in the locker were two small speakers, so guests can listen to their music in the evening…

See more of the Oddvar bedside table.

~ Martin Storbeck, Böblingen, Germany

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12 Responses to From Stool to Bedside Locker

  1. Ryan says:

    Could you please tell what slides you used for the nightstand top. I made a table kind of like it but can’t find the right slides

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that! So inventive! I am in need of some (4) bed side tables so this is a new project for me (looks easy enough for me to manage). Well done!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know!! I wanted to do this so bad but I’m in the U.S. too….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oddvar not available in US. Sad :( I really like this hack.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Aesome idea!Thank’s for sharing!
    Where did you get that pretty candle holder?

  7. bani says:

    My son climbs on stools to reach things, that’s why. Multifunctionality, baby!

  8. ingrid.olarte says:

    This is quite an original beside table! Patio Chair Covers

  9. Love this, I actually really need a bedside table in my room and was thinking of going to IKEA to look around, I’d rather make one like this than just buy a boring one though. This site is amazing, it’s like IKEA MacGyver/Martha Stewart!


  10. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea!! But my first thought was “Er hat sich den Stoff aus dem Regionalexpress besorgt” XD

  11. nycitysky says:

    Why would you stand on it? That seems dumb. I think its great!

  12. bani says:

    Love this! How strong are those sliding hinges – could you, say, stand on the stool without twisting them?

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