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A Lill Creepy Halloween Party

Materials: Lill, Vate, Regolit

I was looking for inexpensive, cool Halloween decorations for a party. Thus Ikea! I was working with a gym here, so not that attractive. I tied some twine across the basketball hoops to drape things across.

To create some creepy cloth I took three Lill curtains (which come in pairs) and cut them horizontally. Then I snipped them at the bottom and torn them upward and jabbed a pair of scissors in a few times to create jagged holes. I stitched the panels together because I needed them to span about 36 feet.

Next I took the Regolit and Vate paper lanterns and turned them into Jack O’ Lanterns. The Vate was a steal in the ‘As Is’ section for only $1.50! I spray painted them with orange and let them hang to dry.

Then I painted the faces on the lanterns with black acrylic paint. I hung the lanterns and strung the ‘creepy cloth’ along with some white lights for class :) and ta-da!

Entire project: $36…not bad!

~ Ashley Rochelle, Laurel, MD

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7 Responses to A Lill Creepy Halloween Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me guess, the ‘trunk or treat’ was held outside in the parking lot? ;-)

    Nicely decorated cultural hall!

  2. Euro Removal says:

    I must say I Like it a lot i wonder how it is when every one is arrived keep it up ….. Good work…..!!!

  3. Islam says:

    Pls make a post related comments

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Como no se me ocurrio”!!! Spanish for WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!

  5. Nicolleen says:

    Great! This is such a good idea, I´m gonna steal this for my next halloween. :-)

  6. that is pretty creepy… I hope it went nice ;-) , will use it next year, bookmarked!

  7. Jenny says:

    I had to comment and say I love this! It’s so hard to decorate a large area with no budget, and you did a marvelous job!

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