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Materials: FADO lamp, HTC Diamond package Arduino UNO and Arduino Ethernet Shield from Arduino.

Description: I have the pleasure to present you the FADOnet. This concept is based on the FADO Lamp, the packaging of the HTC diamond and is enriched with electronic system.

This Lamp is connected to the internet and transmit his state to the network. Additionally this lamp can be updated according interactions with other applications. For example you can change the lamp color when you received an email, when you receive a call and whatever notifications. This object is a lab object to study smart objects interactions and communication mashups (mixing communications applications). IKEA furniture is a good provider to build an home simulator and hack opportunities.

On an original idea of Olivier Le berre (Bell Labs researcher), the first version was designed by Sameh Ben Fredj (Bell Labs PHD Student) to be design in this form by Fabrice Poussiere (Bell Labs Researcher).

~  Fabrice Poussiere, Villarceaux

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2 Responses to FADOnet

  1. Cameron says:

    If I had to guess how this fellow built the lamp, he probably used one or more RGB LEDs, and then used the Arduino + Ethernet shield to listen to network requests and set the brightness of the associated colors.

    Here’s the RGB LED: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/105
    And here’s a (much simpler!) arduino program to set the color based on three potentiometers: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/RGBLEDPWM

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find a step by step tutorial, but this does look fun to build, so if I do, I’ll post source.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is fascinating! Could you share more info on how to build this lamp??

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