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Stool with vinyl record seat

Materials: Marius stool, 33 rpm vinyl record

I do not remember seeing this hack in IkeaHackers so I post!
If unlike me you have a drill and the right equipment, customization of the stool should take very little time.

Start by removing entirely the stool (unless you bought it new), make ​​a hole in the center of the plate using a drill (or like me with a screwdriver but it takes longer…), place the vinyl on the seat, replace the screws provided by IKEA with a longer one and have a seat!

[Original submission in French]
Title: Tabouret 33 tours
Materials: tabouret marius, disque vinyle 33 tours
Description: Je ne me rappelle pas avoir vu ce ikea hack dans le blog donc je le poste!
Si contrairement à moi vous possédez une perceuse et du matériel adéquat, la customisation de ce tabouret devrait prendre très peu de temps.
Commencez par démonter entièrement le tabouret (à moins que vous ne l’achetiez neuf), faites un trou au centre du plateau à l’aide d’une perceuse (ou comme moi avec un simple tournevis mais cela s’avère plus long….), remplacez la vis fournie par ikéa par une plus longue, placez votre vinyle sur le plateau et remontez votre tabouret!

~ Jonathan

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4 Responses to Stool with vinyl record seat

  1. I just did the same with my stool; used five LPs to add stability. Tried using a clock, but was a pain to attach. Thanks!

  2. I just did the same with my stool; used five LPs to add stability. Tried to do this w/ a clock, but it was hard to attach. Thanks!

  3. I have seen purses made with two records…always cool.

  4. JUKE179r says:

    What a waste for a good Chubb Rock record!!!! LOL

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