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Malma Mirror Nightstand Storage Thingy

Materials: 10 Malma Black-Brown mirrors, 8 straight joiners, 8 L brackets, box of 4×1/2 tiny screws, two hinges

Description: I had a bunch of old Malma mirrors lying around and figured it was time to do something with them (read: I’m sick of making Swiss cheese out of the walls trying to line them all up grid-style; and I needed another nightstand, and I didn’t want to buy wood). So, for a first go at building anything from scratch and without plans, I set out to use what I had on hand (minus the 4 trips to the hardware store for screws, joiners, etc.) to make something new.

First, I sorted my mirrors to use the nicest ones towards the top, and the scratched one on the bottom. I used the straight joiners to attach two mirrors vertically. This I did four times (two joiners for each mirror). This created four tall rectangular boards.

Then, I attached a mirror to the bottom — centered so it would be inset — using the L brackets. After that, I used the hinges to attach the top mirror to create an top-opening lid. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of storage for an extra blanket, etc.

I bailed on adding a knob/handle since the lid sticks over enough to open easily. I’m considering adding some sort of embellishment… any ideas? I’ve also thought about adding feet. Open to ideas.

Anyway, voila. Nightstand!

~ Jaime G.

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8 Responses to Malma Mirror Nightstand Storage Thingy

  1. Anonymous says:

    ball style feet will do, or even something like capita legs: they’re skinny and stylish enough to become neutral and go with everything else you have. next time you may choose a side to be the façade and build it in a slight rectangular shape, so to hide the non coloured parts for example

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great idea!! I don’t think you need a knob but four ball style feet would be cute. A stencil in a metallic finish would give you a lot of options depending on your style–you could do something geometric or flowery or whatever. Silver or gold would go with any colors in your room.

  3. Keira says:

    I like it a lot! Feet would be adorable, too.

  4. Wow, you could fit a small child in there! Hmm…idea :P

  5. Jenny says:

    I really like that. I screwed my malmas together in an overlapping fashion (I thought I got the idea from this site, but now I can’t find it), so now all 8 hang on the wall with two screws. However, I don’t really like my side tables in the living room, and I really like that! The only thing I would change is putting a larger piece of wood on the top. Maybe also put a piece (smaller than the top) on the bottom for stability.

  6. Sing says:

    Love it. Maybe one day when I get sick of mine on the wall I can do this.

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