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Markor Handbag Storage

Markor TV Cabinet, drill, sandpaper, level

After getting rid of our huge tube TV I couldn’t let go of my beloved Markor. But with the shelves firmly configured as they are, I had no use for it. So I took out the top shelf and drilled some holes the same depth of the little pins that hold the shelf at a position that seemed perfect for my bags. If you do that you need to be careful to not go any deeper than that, otherwise you come out on the other side of the very thin walls. After I drilled the holes I sanded them down a bit, inserted the metal pins and popped the old shelf back in.
Now my bags are organized and I got to keep Markor.

~ Barbara, Lake in the Hills, IL, USA

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6 Responses to Markor Handbag Storage

  1. Brett Burrow says:

    I have seen it done with many different tv cabinets my favorite is one with shelved down one side for clutches and where the tv once lived a tension rod was put in and with hook you hang your shoulder bags or bags with longer straps. My husband just said a whole unit for bags! I said yes to keep them organized and I would use them all more since I could see and find them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just found this post, and am SO bummed to see this is no longer a product they carry, does anyone know if they make anything similar to it? It is truly a multifunctional pieces in my eyes!!

  3. Barbara says:

    Erin, I bought this cabinet back in 2002 and I can’t find it on their website anymore.

  4. Jameela says:

    Simply beautiful!

  5. Erin says:

    Is this something that Ikea still carries, or did you get it a while ago? I love it!

  6. peg says:

    As someone who has pocketbooks laying EVERYWHERE I adore this hack. Give me this and the shoewall below, I’m one happy girl!

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