Published on July 19th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Knuff is e-knuff

Materials: Vika amon custom table, Knuff

Description: I was really in the need of someplace to store my 11×17 paper for my large format printer. I was storing it on the floor under the desk but I kept kicking it. Then I had it on a HOL storage cube that we store our blankets in. That became a pain. So I went down to our favorite Swedish furniture store with a mission. I came across the Knuff magazine files and a spark went off.

I first knocked off the front piece of the Knuff. It came out relatively easy with a smack from the utility knife I was going to use. Then I put some small screws into the front just to hold them up loosely to the bottom of the Vika Amon top. Then I opened up my toolbox and found a lot of IKEA hardware that I never bother to put on from my Malm dressers. And Voila!

~ Vinny, NJ

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4 Responses to Knuff is e-knuff

  1. Katey Lady says:

    Great solution! Cute pup!

  2. Tym says:

    As said before, you may need to anchor your screws more securely in the Vika Amon.
    The Signum cable management uses some special screws for that purpose (, you may check if you can get the screws separately…

  3. michael says:

    cool idea! you might wanna add some more screws though, because vika amon is hollow on most of the inside. that means yr screws just tuck into 3mm fibreboard which is not that much ;-) paper can get very heavy and probably the whole thing would come off and fall on yr feet…

  4. Wonderful Idea! 11*17 is so hard to store, I may steal this for the kid’s room PEACE

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