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Garden Cart

Materials: Bygel Utility Cart, 1 square foot of screening, drill or x-acto knife, potting soil, seeds

Description: I saw this really neat cart online called a food map container. I loved the idea, but not the price. Here’s my version:

1. Assemble Bygel Utility Cart as per the included instructions.

2. Remove lid from the top of the cart and reposition to the middle of the cart.

3. Remove the top tray and drill about 6 small holes in the bottom of the tray for drainage. For those who shy away from power tools, a sturdy X-Acto knife and some muscle will do the trick. Space the holes apart fairly evenly and make sure there are at least a couple holes on each side of the tray divider.

4. Trim a piece of screening to fit the inside of the tray, or any other material that will keep dirt from spilling out, but let water drain through it. Lay this down in the bottom of the tray to cover the holes.

5. Fill the tray up with potting soil, plant your seeds, and watch them grow!

NOTE: I used this as an herb garden, but if you want to plant larger things you may need to swap out the plastic tray for something deeper.

See more of the garden cart.

~ Lee Ann Smyth, Ontario, Canada

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3 Responses to Garden Cart

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this – only suggestion is to check on the material the cart is made from. I’ve put a couple of plastic thingees outside that UV rays killed quickly, turning it brittle and breaking. If it is one of the sensitive plastics, I think you could cover or paint it (I know the sun is probably not as brutal in Canada as in California so you might be ok anyway!) I think I need to buy a bunch of these carts cause it seems like they have soooo many uses.

  2. Heather says:

    Love Love Love!! About 2 months ago I fell in love with the food map containers, but could not find any rational way to justify paying $150 for a planter/cart. I’m heading to Ikea tomorrow just for this! Brilliant!

  3. Anna says:

    Very nice! I love it: it’s neat, cool, cheap and super easy!
    I just have to make a complaint: could’nt you post this a couple of days ago? I was on Ikea yesterday… wish I’d seen this before! Next time I’ll definitely buy a Bygel cart:)

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