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Painted EGEBY rug!

EGEBY rug , gray and white paint, several brushes

I found this EGEBY rug!

1) You have to make a stencil
2) Trace the stencil on the rug

3) Paint everything in gray and white

4) Step back and admire your work;)

It was really easy but you have to be very, very patient!
It took me about two days! But it was totally worth it!

See more of the stencilled rug.

~ Lydia Pudel, Deutschland

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20 Responses to Painted EGEBY rug!

  1. Pudel-design says:

    Hi: To all of you who want`s to know which paint I used!
    It is simple indoor wall paint, nothing special
    Just my favorite paint color!
    If you have more questions, just click the link at the end of this post and it will lead you to the original one on my blog and every question will be answered;)

    Lovely greetings…

  2. Andrea says:

    This is beautiful! Way to go. I recently saw a Martha Stewart stencil in the same shape. Might make the job a little quicker for those who aren’t so great with hand-drawing.

  3. Nick Austin says:

    Very impressive. Such dedication too!

  4. I just bought the same rug to try something similar. I love how yours turned out! Beautiful work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I second the large piece of canvas idea, but be careful because the paint with seep through canvas that isn’t sealed with gesso or something similar. No big deal — it’ll give you a double sided rug if it soaks through evenly, just don’t paint it directly on your lovely floors!

  6. Moontree says:

    Acrylic should work….. but wouldn’t any sort of paint make the fibers all crusty?

    If you like this idea, you might want to think about skipping the ikea rug altogether (gasp!) and use a big piece of canvas to make a floorcloth. They were very popular back before the advent of linoleum and are simple to make: you just paint whatever design you like onto the canvas with acrylic paints, then cover the whole thing in polyurethane. When it dries it’s a flexible mat that is not only decorative, but is easy to clean and protects your floor.

  7. jingooo says:

    This looks lovely!! Same question as homestilo: could you please tell us what kind of paint you used? thanksss!

  8. PaintyCait says:

    This is an absolutely fabulous idea. Love the results too
    You could speed this up considerabley with a larger and more substantial stencil cut from mylar. You can buy these in large sizes from places like Wallovers and Stencil Library and Melanie Royals or you can make your own. You could then spray the back of the stencil to make it sticky and stencil directly through the stencil.

  9. homestilo says:

    Looks great! I’ve been curious about a project like this…just wondering if it has to be some sort of special paint.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amazing rug!!! Just wondering what size rug did you use?

  11. Donna Reid says:

    what a great rug! Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    VERY nice! Didn’t the paint get through the rug onto the floor? How does it support traffic, doesn’t it fade out where people stand or walk? How do you clean it(hoovering, stains?) Again, it IS a nice hack!

  13. MY GAWD, girl – that’s amazing!

    I second @Majeral above – how about cali? :)

  14. majeral says:

    Do you make house calls? It is nice and warm here in Texas USA >>>LOL

  15. Love this! Wow you do have patience! I would not do well on a project like this!

  16. Pudel-design says:

    I used regular wall paint, a grey and creamy white.

  17. says:

    what kind of colours have you used?

  18. Gorgeous!!! I’ve been wanting to do this very thing but was scared to spend $100 only to mess it up–you have given me courage! :)

  19. Helene says:

    It looks beautiful!

    You have done a very good job :-)

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