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Published on May 28th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Sleek Stainless Steel Bird Feeder

Materials: Lansa Handle (21 7/8″) $9.99, BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl(5″), Drill, Drill bits, screwdriver, pliers $2.99

Start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the bowl.
Then drill a hole in the top just below the rim. In order to use the screws that come with the handle you will have to shorten it with the clipping blades on your pliers.

Thread the screw thru the hole below the rim of the bowl, then the extender piece then into the handle as far as it will go. Mark the screw at the excess point. Disassemble and cut the screw, you may have to make small nips to the tip of the screw to get a clean tip to thread into the handle’s hole.

Reassemble if the tilt of the bowl bothers you you can insert a shim below the screw (small piece of wire, plastic etc.) however this will cause a small gap where the horizontal arm meets the bowl. I left my as is.

Insert into the ground, fill with bird seed and enjoy your new best friends as they come to visit!

~ Bambi

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4 Responses to Sleek Stainless Steel Bird Feeder

  1. Anonymous says:

    I gave up on fighting off the squirrels. Luckily here in the city I only have a few squirrels that visit on the regular, so they get to eat too.

    edit, there was a mistake on pricing listed:
    Lansa Handle (21 7/8″) $9.99, BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl(5″) $2.99
    so 2 can be made for $16


  2. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Ah, a whole bowl of seeds? The squirrels in my yard and trees, would LOVE me (even more) if they didn’t have to work at getting seeds outta the feeders!

    Good job and your garden in lovely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very nice and creative. Some people are so talented.

    My should be “mine”.


  4. Sudha says:

    love the eco friendly idea :)

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