Published on May 30th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Hack a Tertial lamp into a mic stand

Materials: Tertial Lamp

Description: The first step to making a microphone stand from the Tertial Lamp was to remove the light fixture. I tried to figure out how to remove the light so that I could still use it, but instead I had to cut the cord and pull it out of the boom arm.

I then unscrewed the lamp fixture from the arm and put aside all the hardware.

I removed the microphone and shock mount from the stand it came with and tried to put it onto the boom arm. The plastic spacer from the lamp was too thick to fit the microphone, so I had to file it down so that it was thin enough to fit between the shock mount and the lamp stand.

Once the spacer was thin enough I attached the shock mount to the lamp stand using the bolt and nut that used to hold in the lamp head. I then used cable ties to attach the microphone cable to the stand (not visible in the photos).

The stock hardware that comes with the Tertial lamp isn’t strong enough to hold the stand straight when I extend the lamp arm. My next step will be to buy new hardware for the lamp arm so that it can support my microphone and shock mount.

See more of the Tertial mic stand.

~ Bill Hutchison, Canada

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5 Responses to Hack a Tertial lamp into a mic stand

  1. Winston says:

    To remove the light so it can still be used, one could cut the cord at the plug end, rather than the light end, as the plug is relatively easy and cheap to replace (you can buy a new one for less than a dollar at Home Depot and it’s just hooking up two wires)

  2. Thanks for the warning Bill.

    I’m thinking that just adding some new wing-nuts should do the trick as it’s strong enough to work, just a little easy to knock down while it’s extended.

  3. Bill says:

    One word of caution when adding heavier duty springs to a lamp like this, be sure the lamp can handle the additional stress from the stronger springs, or it may collapse upon itself.

  4. Quiastolita says:

    I used the same but to adapt a magnifying lamp. The strech arm of mine was loose and I could adapt the rest (the lens + light bulb) to the Ikea arm with no trouble. Now I have a grey arm and white lens – I can live well with that :D .

  5. Aliza says:

    Its cool when these funky ideas go up!

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