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Drum Shade Pendant Light

2 Ikea Lobbo Shades, 6″ diameter = $6

1 Ikea Lobbo Shade, 12″ diameter = $5

1 Ikea Lobbo Shade, 14″ diameter = $6

1 yard Ikea Fabric = $8

1 pendant light kit = $12

small chain link = $1.50

Glue gun, scissors, needle-nose pliers

TOTAL: about $40

Decide how you want the tiers to overlap. Make sure your tiers don’t overlap too much (or you’ll just be limiting how much light gets through the multiple layers), but enough to not show gaps. If your tiers are similar in diameter (like the 12″ and 14″), you can get away with about a 2″ overlap. If your tiers are further apart in diameter (like the 6″ and 12″) you may want more like a 4″ overlap. You can also trim off the top or bottom of each tier to adjust the overall shape. I cut off a little bit at a time, and used soup cans/boxes/whatever to prop the shades up around each other so I could see how the finished product would look.

I cut the fabric an inch taller and wider than the shade, then glued it in place with a glue gun. The Ikea shades require the frame spokes to poke through the shade and little hardware pieces screw on and hold it in place. Which is why I picked a patterned fabric so you don’t really notice the hardware, but I guess you could paint them to match your fabric so they blend in. I’m far too lazy for that. After you glue the fabric, you’ll need to poke holes in the fabric that line up with the holes in the shade in order to attach your frame.

Finally, you’ve got get your tiers to stay in place. I used small linked chain from Home Depot, they sell it by the foot or the yard. Here’s where the spoke frame actually comes in handy. Slide one link of each chain strand onto each spoke before you put the spoke through the shade and screw on the fastener. Then just cut each length to the same number of links and use it to attach each tier to each other.

And you’re done!

See more if the Drum Shade Pendant Light.

~ Molly O’Shea, Encinitas

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12 Responses to Drum Shade Pendant Light

  1. rebeccalorr0209 says:

    Where did you get the fabric???

  2. Upland Auto Body says:

    pretty cool lamp

  3. jennifer says:

    This is really great! I also have three Löbbos with fabric around them and if If I did not live in a tiny flat I would make a big one for myself aswell :)

  4. Beauty. Balance. Design. says:

    Looks Great!

  5. Los Angeles SEO says:

    A bit expensive for a custom light… but worth it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very nice job.

  7. Molly O'Shea says:

    the pendant light kit was from Home Depot (same place where I got the chain link)

  8. This is one of the best hacks I’ve seen – awesome! Love the fabric choice too.

  9. Kristin says:

    Wow… this is amazing!! Nice work!

  10. DemiGoddessss says:

    Hi…GREAT hack! Is the pendant light kit from Ikea? If not, please say where.


  11. hnordell says:

    Cool lamp. I like the non-blending effect and the nice fabric.

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