Published on April 8th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Tertial lamp into microphone stand

Materials: TERTIAL + PROEL APM 225 (or other)

Remove the bulb
Remove the power cord
Insert your Proel APM 225

~ Francesco Dosia

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5 Responses to Tertial lamp into microphone stand

  1. I was working on my own hack of the Tertial Lamp into a microphone stand before finding this post. I have a description of how I did it on my blog, http://www.renovateaustralia.com.

  2. I’ve seen these old desk lamps out by the curb as people throw them away. I’d like to see details on adding a standard mike stand threaded post to the lamp end of the stand. The springs are noisy when adjusted. How is that dealt with?

  3. Fissunix says:

    Thanks for this great tip ! I’ve just made my own. Works fine : http://cl.ly/1e1p2K0P3M0e0B3R2r1l

  4. I made one of these in July of 2005. The lamp was mounted with a thumbscrew. I didn’t have a shock-mount so I fashioned something out of pipe that screwed into a mic clip. The DIY pop filter mounting was more difficult. My latest idea involves pvc pipe, clothes pin, and some tape.

  5. Jesus Ali says:

    Good work, but just a photo is not very useful. A complete “How-To” would be useful.
    I’ve considered mounting lots of things to these types of lamps (webcams, mini dv cams, led flashlights), but the specifics of how to combine hardware and how much weight the lamp can hold are the sticking points.
    I have a similar lamp that had tension nuts on the top two sections. I tightened them down with a wrench, but they still don’t even hold up their original lamp fixture very well. Did you replace the springs on this model? Any idea of what the original fixture weighed and what the microphone/shock mount weighs?
    How, specifically, did you secure the shock mount to the lamp? Do you need to drill through the shock mount peg? Can you realistically do this with a hand drill or do you need a drill press?
    Sharing the specific solutions you learned through doing this would be most useful to other people, right now you’re just showing the general concept.

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