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Shoe cabinet transformation

Materials: SANDNES shoe cabinet

Description: Aylin tipped me on this Sandnes shoe cabinet transformation that is oh-so-chic. The hacker, Serim installed 3-D wall covers onto the cabinet doors and repainted them to match her walls. The exposed wood trim is painted a slightly lighter hue for a two-toned effect. Finish with cute knobs and there you have it. ~ Jules

See more of the shoe cabinet transformation.

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11 Responses to Shoe cabinet transformation

  1. DJinny says:

    Where did you buy the hooks?! Nice hack! xx

  2. Sorry for the late reply. For the frame I used spray paint (used for wood), and for the doors which I covered with 3D wall flats that are paintable, I used existing wall paint I had ( I think it was in satin finish, just regular interior wall paint.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sandnes is not sold anymore as far as I know. At least not in Canada. This is too bad as the cabinet has nice clean lines and was quite easy to custom paint. We made a narrow console from two of them for our semi-detached house’s entryway. I now wish we had purchased some for our mudroom.

  4. Thank you,Meredith. The wall covers are by Inhabit Living, they call them “wall flats”. I got them cheap too, because I got the “2nd quality” wall flats, which have minor defects, and are $ 4.5 (compare that to its regular price of $ 86 – that is a HUGE difference). And almost all of the said minor defects in my case had to do with irregularities in the base color of the product which is off-white; and since I was going to paint them anyway, it was no issue for me. You can find the sale priced product here : . And of course if you are not a fan of the braille look, you can pick other designs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this hack – the best looking shoe storage so far. The 3d covers looks so tactile and I really like the colour you painted the Sandnes. I went to your link but can’t see where you found the covers – please advise!
    meredith / luxembourg

  6. Sarah, don’t be silly, ha ha. Obviously, you can get other wall covers to install that do not give you the creeps. The point is these 3-D wall covers look interesting on the cabinet doors. Does not mean you should like the particular wall covers I picked or the color I painted them in.

  7. Sarah says:

    Oh well… I like the idea, but for some reason it looks creepy to me… *lol* Don’t mean to offend, the work done here is great, but I look at it and gives me goosebumps…

  8. Billy, it was almost 1.5 years ago that I bought SANDNES shoe cabinets at Brooklyn – IKEA. But I see that on the IKEA website SANDNES is no longer listed, so maybe they are discontinued or maybe you can still find them at some stores, but not online. You are right though that STÄLL is very similar, and so is HEMNES.

  9. billyhacker says:

    It doesn’t look like sandnes is sold by IKEA USA. But it looks close to STÄLL ( which is…

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