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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Cake Stands and Candy Dishes

Materials: OPPEN plate/bowl, NEGLINGE candlestick, E6000 epoxy

Description: Cake stands are always so expensive at retail stores like Target and the like, when they are basically just elevated plates. Why not elevate your own?

1: Remove the labels from everything and wash carefully.

2: Mark the exact center of a glass OPPEN plate or bowl, on the top face, with a black marker.

3: Apply E6000 evenly to the top face of the NEGLINGE candlestick. Don’t worry if there’s too much, you can get the excess off with a razor blade later.

4: Align the plate/bowl with the center of the candlestick and press down firmly. Allow the epoxy to set for 24 hours before moving.

While this is drying, prepare your favorite cake or candy to fill the bowl. You can also stack them and make tiered cupcake stands, or jewelry holders.

~ AJ W., Lansing, MI

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7 Responses to Cake Stands and Candy Dishes

  1. aj w. says:

    well, if $10 is in your price range, go for it, it may look a little better lol! the total cost for this project, however, was about $3.50 for two, since we already had the e6000 for a different project.

    i should add a note that you should be sure to mark the center on the TOP of the plate, otherwise the dot will be trapped forever under the candlestick!

  2. Bextia says:

    GREAT hack! I’ve been looking for a nice cake stand and I couldn’t find nothing suitable (for my budget or for the looks of it). Thanks for sharing

  3. La Tendedera says:

    This is so nifty!

  4. Moontree says:

    Are cake stands really that expensive? I didn’t think so. I bought mine at target or kmart or something for like ten bucks a couple years ago. But still, a nifty hack.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this hack, I’m definitely going to make this. THANKS.

  6. Alan says:

    LOVE IT!!! I’m gonna try the candy dish one. It’s perfect!

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