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Lack Wall of Shoe Shelves and Storage

Materials: Lack shelving units, Tjusig shoe racks, Malm dresser, Grono table lamps, Legitim chopping boards, and hardware store “L” brackets

Description: As my collection of Adidas Originals shoes grew, I was looking for an efficient and stylish way to organize and display them. Eventually 10 Tsujig shoe racks, 5 Lack shelves, and my Malm dresser combined to form this mighty wall display.

The Lack shelves frame the whole thing, and were sized perfectly for this application. On the left, two vertical Lack shelves support one horizontal one, with the Malm dresser in the center. On the right, one Lack shelf lies horizontally as a base for the Tsujig racks, and another vertical Lack goes up the right side. Together they form the shape of an backwards letter “S” on it’s side, if that makes sense. From left to right they go up, across the top, down, across the bottom, and back up.

The shoe shelves inside the Lack shelving units are made by first spacing “L” brackets inside the Lacks, and then inserting the Legitim chopping boards which are the perfect size. I’d originally planned to cut wooden inserts, but those cutting boards are exactly the right size and work great.

On the right side I have the Tsujig shoe racks, two across and five tall, and everything is held together with brackets (on the non-visible side) for strength and security. Toss a couple Grono table lamps into the cubbies for some illumination, and you’re good to go. The end result is a wall of shelving that looks good and matches the same black-brown finish of the rest of my Malm bedroom set. It easily holds my books, lamps, Timbers MLS fan gear…and 97 pairs of Adidas Originals. Once past 100 pair, I guess I’ll have to start on another wall. :-)

~ Randy Mueller, Ridgefield, WA USA

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17 Responses to Lack Wall of Shoe Shelves and Storage

  1. Maria says:

    How much is this unit, and where can I get it?

  2. TR says:

    Nice. For the TJUSIG shelves, can you give me more details on the brackets you used? I don’t see them in the pic so wondering which brackets to buy.

  3. Dish says:

    You are most definitely my hero!! Ikea hack + massive collection of adidas originals = WOW

  4. Anonymous says:

    No smella’ foot juice in that room, ay?! In some way it looks really nice, if you´re in college.

  5. rollinger says: they look like new are the ugliest thing ever. Some people wearing sport shoes not only for sports? ill

  6. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Too much like a bowling alley for me, BUT it’s yours and that’s all that matters to make YOU happy! It is a clean looking set-up.

  7. KS says:

    I need this. Where did you buy this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I LUV adidas originals … and I LUV ur display!!!

  9. PJ says:

    Nice job but….um…. Shoe fetish?

    There, I said it.

  10. Zenah says:

    Nice storage…its a great choice for modern home furniture style.

  11. Vittoria says:


  12. Michelle says:

    I thought my hallway cupboard was a bit shoe indulgent but not anymore! What a great way to store and display them. Nice job :)

  13. Wendy says:

    DUDE! I thought I had a lot of shoes….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is this the shoe shelf of Imelda Marcos?!

  15. Sing says:

    I love this. I’d love to do this in my home.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Definitely not a lack of shoes(sorry, couldn’t resist).

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well..that’s a lot of shoes indeed.

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