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DIY Dorothy Draper Chests

Rast Dresser

Description: 1) I bought 2 Rast dressers from IKEA, and assembled the tables, except for the drawers.

2) I primed the ‘body’ of the dresser {assembled} and the fronts of the doors and then sprayed them using RustOleum’s black lacquer spray. I did 2 coats to get good coverage.

3) I took inspiration pics from Dorothy Draper chests online, and blew them up to be able to draw the shape of the inlay on a piece of transparent paper that I cut to be the same size as each drawer. Here is where the measure-twice-cut-once rule really applies! I cut the stencil using an art Xacto knife, leaving gaps so that the centre of the stencil stayed attached to the outside. I secured the stencil onto the drawer using painter’s tape.

4) Using Liquidtex’s Iridescent Rich Gold heavy body acrylic paint, I carefully painted on the design. I removed the stencil after allowing the paint to dry for about 1 hour. I taped off the gaps that remained (due to the stencil) and filled those in. I let this dry over night and then went over the gold free-hand to make it even thicker afterwards.

5) I then put the drawers together on the built shelf, and put in some beautiful bronze ring pulls from Lee Valley Tools.

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~ Nancy Marcus, Vancouver

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8 Responses to DIY Dorothy Draper Chests

  1. Cosmic Potter says:

    Love the Dorothy Draper look – I am inspired! Also, I noticed the same dresser/chest that you are using as your model in the current edition of Decor – The Most Georgeous Rooms Ever – page 57 – now on newsstands. Lovely! Black & gold are so classic. I have ideas I want to try too……..Love your blog. Esp. your consoles blog – they make me drool…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great job! That looks sooo expensive!

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I have 2 RAST dressers that we use as night stands and yours blows mine out of the water!!! So pretty! Looks like a millions bucks!

  4. Sarakenobi says:

    I feel like you could make a living with revamping RAST dressers!

  5. sjfre2 says:

    This is very clever, well done.

  6. Nest Studio says:

    sweet! These dressers have been circulating around the blogosphere forever – I like the hack!

  7. nycitysky says:

    I love this! Great contrast and 40′s vintage look. :D

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