Published on February 2nd, 2011 | by Jules Yap


LEKMAN Watercooled

Materials: LEKMAN-Box, Dremel, Driller

Description: Being an EXPEDIT-FAN (got a lot of them in our home) my wife inspired me to put my whole watercooled Computer in a Lekman Box as she always hurt her knees at the BIG Computer-Case under the EXPEDIT-Desk…

I knew that it is possible to put a “normal” PC in a Lekman Box, but the problem was to get a whole watercooled PC in that tiny Box…

So first I tried a 3D-Modell with Google-Sketchup to find out anything would match in the LEKMAN Box; And Yes it should work…

So I had to cut out the AIR-Holes for the radiators in the front and for the Mainboard, Power-Plug and another Radiator at the Back, so the Air can get through the whole Case, because the PC will stand in an EXPEDIT beneath my desk.

As I have no Laser or anything like that I had to drill an “dremel“, what was really tricky with that plastic of the box, but finally it worked (would get much better with the right tools)..

~ Dirk Rafelt, Düsseldorf, Germany

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8 Responses to LEKMAN Watercooled

  1. Anonymous says:

    Phobya – Radiator Grill – 2x 140mm – Steel – HEXX – Black very close match if not the same brand

  2. phil kieran says:

    +1 on the Black grills! i want them for my build! an’t find anywhere

    • Rymel says:

      the black grills came off of his case, you can see them missing in the photo. you can buy them usually as accessories from the manufacturer’s website.

      re: the hack – thanks! i’ve got an antec nine hundred case that’s taking up more desk real estate than i care to let it these days, and i’ve been contemplating mounting it into some part of whatever furniture i get to replace my desk. i guess i’m sick of towers now?

    • Rymel says:

      oops, my mistake. they’re not from the case front. but it still may have come from another side of it. in any event, the antec nine hundred’s front fan grills would be good to use in a pc case hack. hex mesh or grills are also available for purchase online

  3. Bill C says:

    Where did you get those black grills for the front?

  4. CroMag says:

    In Schland müssen solche Gehäuse abgeschirmt sein. Such mal nach “EMV”… An sonsten: hübsch gemacht!

  5. jo says:

    no link in the last line

  6. Anonymous says:

    That so rocks!^__^

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