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Published on February 23rd, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Baby Crib with open shelving

Materials: Billy, Gulliver, Perfect Adel oven panels

I took Ikea crib Gulliver, two oven panels from Ikea kitchen line, and old favourite Billy book shelf. One oven panel became a headboard and another became backing for Billy, and Billy became a foot-board.

The actual, foot-board and headboard from Gulliver I used as a template to drill the holes on the oven panels. Use the existing heardware. And oven panel attached to Billy with corner mounting pieces (all four corners).

See more of the crib with open shelving.

~ Alissa C.

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9 Responses to Baby Crib with open shelving

  1. That crib looks solid and stable, I’m planning to buy one for my son.

  2. jess says:

    i was also worried about this due to lack of air flow around the cot now… please be careful if any one else copies this hack!

  3. PDX Mama says:

    I actually agree with “Mother of 2″ about the shelves. I know of a baby who chose not to go over the crib rail and onto the floor, but rather he climbed up on top of the shelving unit that was next to his crib, much like the configuration in this hack. He was stuck there and fortunately he cried out for help instead of falling to the floor.

    And, yes Red Storm, I thought about this before I posted.

  4. red storm says:

    PP, I agree with the cord comment, but think about your comment about the shelves. They’re on the outside. If baby is sophisticated enough to get up and onto (and over) the side of the crib, wouldn’t he be in just as much danger in just heaving himself overboard?

    Think before you post!

    Cute hack.

  5. Mother of 2 says:

    Looks good but I would worry about having cords so close. While your baby is obviously doing well, getting tangled in a monitor cord is a common occurrence and responsible for many infant deaths each year.

    My other thought is that when the baby is older those shelves will be like a ladder for her. How easy would it be for her to go over the top and climb down the side? Maybe it’s not as practical or safe as you may think it is.

    It looks good but there may be a good reason cribs aren’t manufactured this way. Just a thought.

    I followed your guidelines and didn’t say anything that I wouldn’t say in front of my mother or my daughter.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice, but you should get the cords away from the crib. A baby in our town got strangled in a cord like that. Sorry to be a downer, but imagine if someone copies your design and a child gets caught in a cord. It does happen.

  7. carrie says:

    Take a look at the link in the post – it was a hack to copy a really expensive crib.

    Looks great! I have a sleigh style crib which may or may not work with this hack, but I may give it a try.

  8. Ben Pearson says:

    Love it! But Why did you need to use the oven panels?

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