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Grundtal pot rack

Materials: Grundtal

Description: My husband and I attended a cooking class where we saw a single-bar ceiling-mount pot rack that we thought was just perfect for a small kitchen like ours. The pots and pans nest into one another saving a lot of space. But these racks are ridiculously expensive. So we used an IKEA Grundtal rack – IKEA shows it as a wall-mounted bar but we found it worked great for ceiling mount as well.  We twisted one end of the hooks 90 degrees to allow the pots to hang sideways, nesting into one another.

~ Kristina S.

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Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

9 Responses to Grundtal pot rack

  1. Curtis says:

    This pot rack article inspired me to make a custom pot rack using similar materials from IKEA, that spans very simply and cheaply between two cabinets above the kitchen sink, I’ve written a blog entry showing the instructions:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I set up a similar one in my home about a year ago, we used 3 x long Grundtal on the ceiling, and just used some heavy duty butterfly clips to weigh against the plasterboard. I have all my pots and pans on there and it works a treat!
    We have received many compliments about the look too, hanging pot hangers are expensive and hard to find in Sydney, also they have a tendency to hang quite low – whereas we didn’t want to bump out heads into pots when moving through the kitchen.

  3. heathashli says:

    I love tool bars, but the backsplash b/t my cabinets & counter in my A-Frame was too short. So the solution was to hang the tool bar from the low kitchen ceiling. &

  4. LiisK says:

    I love the idea. Too bad I’m too short to apply this at my home.

  5. The Momma says:

    MacMama> this item is always shown as a wall mounted item rather than ceiling and the hooks were designed to hold the pots with the openings flush to the wall, all the pots being side-by-side of one another. In the length shown, that would barely accommodate 4 or maybe five items. So turning to the ceiling rather than the wall and then twisting the provided hooks allowed the pots to hang in line with the rack itself, and nesting. It fits WAY more pots and pans this way. There are commercial racks designed to function like this but they cost a fortune.

  6. The Momma says:

    Kerstin> we didn’t use special screws or anchors because we used a stud finder to ensure we were screwing into wood ceiling studs/beams rather than just into the drywall.

  7. MacMama says:

    Isn’t this what the grundtal is designed for? So no hack but normal use…

  8. NG says:

    Isn’t it bad for the pots and pans to nest them like this?

  9. Kerstin says:

    Really nice looking rack. Gives a really cosy feel to the kitchen. :-)
    I have actually been thinking of something similar, but mounting the rack under the high cupboards mounted on the wall above the stove (no idea about the name in English, sorry) and I’ve been wondering if the rack will hold well if mounted upside down instead of on the wall (I want glass on the wall so I’d prefer to screw the rack on the downside of the cupboards instead of the wall.). Did you need to use any special screws or plugs, or does your rack with all the pots and pans stay up well just like this with the same kind of plugs and screws you’d used if you would have mounted it on the wall?
    Greetings from Sweden,

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