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Good ol’, cheapo upholstered Gorm Bar

Materials: Gorm Posts, Gorm Shelves, Gorm Corner Shelf

Description: This is I and my husband’s first hack. After weeks of trawling through this site, I managed to convince DH that building our own bar would be cheaper than buying a new one.

We wanted an L shaped bar and thought about using expensive IKEA pieces for this, but settled for good ole, cheapo Gorm.

2 51cm GORM corner shelves – $26
8 51 x 77cm GORM shelves – $56
8 31 x 77cm GORM shelves – $40
24 packs of 110cm GORM posts – $96
Packet of screws – $9
Fabric – $16
13mm MDF sheets for the top of the bar – $13
Staple gun and staples
Hand drill

Total: $256

1. He built a bog standard gorm shelving, then we screwed in post to cover the “holes”. At $4 for 2 posts it was cheap :-)

2. Then I went a bit mad with the staple gun some upholstering fabric to hide the picket fence look.

3. A trip to the lumber yard produced some 1.3mm MDF board, cut to size to cover the top of the bar and a few screws to hold the top down.


All that is left is some Ikea bar stools in black and to tidy the shelves up. Don’t you just love Ikea?

It was done over a month, because we didn’t have all the supplies needed, but each step took about a couple of hours a day.

~ Nixter, Abu Dhabi

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9 Responses to Good ol’, cheapo upholstered Gorm Bar

  1. Laurel says:

    This is beautiful — very creative, and I love the fabric you chose for it.

  2. nykegodess says:

    Thanks everyone. @Laurel I love the fabric too! :-D
    We just got some black Ikea bar stools, but an Ikea Ekby shelf behind the drink thingy on the wall and moved the fridge after these pictures were taken. I think it looks great!!! Would post some pictures later on today.

    @metai: We didn’t use plywood on the sides or anywhere for that matter, and didn’t even think about it. Now you mention it, it would have been tons cheaper!

  3. Wow that looks beautiful! I might actually try this for a bar in my house. Great job

  4. metai says:

    (Also, this setup now just CRIES for a Wesco Kickboy or Kneasy replacing that trash can.)

  5. metai says:

    Very nicely done. Still, I wonder why you would go with screwing individual Gorm posts to the sides if you upholster it all afterwards anyway. I could imagine you tried the Gorm posts first, and it didn’t work out as intended? Otherwise you could’ve gone with simple plywood on the sides in the first place, which would shave off quite a bit from the total cost.

    • Emil H. says:

      Yeah almost $100 for all those posts is a little crazy. I don’t know how much wood costs in Abu Dabhi, but at Home Depot you could have gotten studier wood to cover that area and brought your total cost down to under $200 easy.

      Beautiful project, though, well done!

  6. meerkat says:

    that looks fantastic. great effort

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