Published on January 6th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Custom bed headboard with Storage

Materials: MOSJO, BESTA extension, VIKA AMON, LACK

Description: I wanted to create a custom headboard for our bed which would fit nicely underneath our bay windows. Since you can never have enough storage the ability to lift up the top and dump winter duvets, extra pillows inside would be even better!

The basic idea was to take two TV stands (the MOSJO and the BESTA extension) which are the same depth but different width’s and rotate them 90° so that they become storage boxes. Then custom cut a table top to fit on top of them. The addition of a LACK shelf mounted vertically to the edge of the BESTA provided a sturdy headboard to lean against. Everything was available in the same Walnut finish except for the MOSJO and this was going to be hidden at the back, lucky!

The only additional thing I did was to cut down the shelves that came with the BESTA to make them about 2″ deep and screw them to the sides of the cabinet before attaching the LACK bracket in order to make the edge thicker and provide better support to the shelf.

See more of the custom headboard storage

~ Oli, Brooklyn, NY

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2 Responses to Custom bed headboard with Storage

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful, but you should not place any plant near where you’re sleeping, because they emit carbon dioxide at night. There’s a reason you only see plants in living areas and not bedrooms.

  2. That is an ingenious solution. Anything that helps maximize space or save space is welcome for a home owner.

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