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Lack gone oriental

Materials: Lack table, decoupage paper, thin metal plate, decoupage glue, decoupage lacquer, pencil, all-purpose glue

Description: We had this Lack table for ages and wanted something fresh without investing a lot of money or having to throw out something that is still good.

So I decided to spice up our Lack table to match our colorful living room.
Step by step:

1. Wipe the table clean with a moist cloth and let it dry.
2. Spread the decoupage paper on the table the way you want it to be later.
3. Apply a coat of decoupage glue where you want to fix your decoupage paper. Don’t apply more than you need for one sheet, otherwise it might dry too quickly and you will have to apply glue again, resulting in thicker layers and uneven results.
4. Apply the decoupage paper and try to apply it without bubbles. It worked for me to have my wifeys help, she held the paper on two edges and I smoothed it down onto the table.

5. Be sure to have enough paper overlapping the edges of the table, you will want to wrap it around properly.
6. When you finished the applying of decoupage paper on top of the table, go for the small side of the shelf. I glued more decoupage paper than needed on it and after drying I just cut the overlapping rest with a scalpel.
7. Coat the entire decoupaged surfaces with decoupage lacquer for a brilliant or a matte finish (you will have to choose yours). Try not to go over the same spot many times, as it may cause the thin paper to break.
8. Allow it to dry about an hour before applying the second layer of lacquer.

Edge decoration:

1. Get a golden, silver or copper colored very thin plate of metal.

2. First design your desired edge decoration on paper and hold it on to the edges of your Lack table. If you like it, then it’s gonna be your model.
3. According to the paper model, cut 4 identical triangles out of the metallic plate. It really has to be thin in order to be cut with normal scissors.
4. Cut the shape into it (here the little bows).
5. Turn the ugly side (you will have one ;) ) upside so you can write on it and lay it on a soft underground (a carpet or a thick cloth for example)

6. With a pencil impress the wanted design onto each triangle and then fold it in the middle.

7. Adjust the triangles on the edges and if you are happy with the result glue them onto them with all purpose glue. I used Uhu.

~ Sarah, Germany

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17 Responses to Lack gone oriental

  1. AnnaP says:

    Fantastic work! I am so much pro individual hand made staff.
    I sometimes wonder… how could we live without Ikea?! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is awesome. I just got a LACK table today and found it very boring. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. y8 says:

    very cool. I like this games

  4. Piscesdiva says:

    I don’t think Morocco is generally considered an oriental (or Asian) country. That said, the table looks quite nice.

  5. meble ratanowe says:

    Pice of art, great idea, I admire people who can do something beautiful from the ordinary stuff

  6. Sarah says:

    @ Anonymous, I saw a very similar looking table in Morocco, which to me is an oriental country. And it was in a very traditional place, far away from great tourism. Didn’t look imported.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t want to sound obnoxious but Morocco is in Africa. If this is an Oriental country to you… I mean… Oriental = Asia…

  7. Sarah says:

    @ Cat, the material cost around 20 Euros, but after finishing I still had some sheets of the decoupaging paper and the most expensive thing was the glue and the lacquer, which can be used so many times after, because I bought big bottles.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s really lovely!

  9. Cat says:

    Brilliant idea. I wanted to do something similar with my Lack, how much did the materials cost approximately?

  10. eva says:

    i love the idea, it adds more life.. nice work…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Er, ornamental maybe, but this doesn’t look oriental at all.

  12. Thank you very much for the extensive explanation

  13. prue says:

    @anon: that depends on where you come from or rather where you say the word. cf. OALD online (which doesn’t state any pejorative connotations of the word) or wiki, if you like.

  14. Sabine says:

    Very, very cool!!!!!
    Greetings Sabine

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think the PC word is Asian – not Oriental.

  16. Helene says:

    Looks very nice!

    Thank you for the instructions.


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