Published on October 22nd, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Let them eat cake!

Materials: Lampan Table Lamp, Tin Tray

Description: The IKEA Lampan shade is removable for bulb replacement, and the shape of the base resembles the pedestal of a cake stand. It just so happened that I needed a cake stand, or more specifically, a cupcake stand.

I began by disassembling and removing the electrical and lighting components. Next, I spray painted the base, shade, and food tray orange. Gorilla Glue was applied to secure the tray on top of the base. To add visual interest, and a layer for food safety, I cut a circle of scrapbook paper for the tray top. The shade found a new life as a vase – the perfect accompaniment to some Halloween cupcakes.

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~ Melissa, Austin, TX

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9 Responses to Let them eat cake!

  1. Anonymous says:

    After breaking apart one of the lamps, I realized the clear plastic piece can be unscrewed at the base of the lamp. Since I had to use pliers to unscrew it, I still broke part pieces of it. However, once the clear plastic piece is unscrewed, the base will separate into two parts. Unfortunately, you will either need to break or strategically cut a hole in the bases to feed the lighting parts out.

  2. Mom to Many says:

    That is brilliant!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really great!…and it seem simple,but how did you remove the electrical and lighting components. I tried once and I broke the base…is there any useful tip?? thanks

  4. Fantastic idea, Melissa. Well done!!!! I have one of these in red which belongs to my daughter, but she has changed her colour scheme now and no longer wants it. You have given me inspiration. Thank you :D

  5. Roberta says:

    genial! i like it veeeery much! May I copy it?

  6. IKEA Spotter says:

    Lovely. As said above I like that each part was used.

  7. Great ideas! Glad you were able to use BOTH parts!

  8. Looks great! Well done.

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