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White chopping block

Materials: Ivar shelves (4) 33″x20″ and (2) 17″x20″; (3) Ivar Side units, cut to correct height; (1) Lagan countertop 50″x26″; (2) Byholma baskets; (1) Gorm height extension post; (1) 39″ Observator crossbrace; string and white paint

Description: We had very little countertops at our new home. We had a lot of Ivar shelves (from the shelving unit in the office).

We decided to take our three side units and cut them to the height of our cabinets. We now had 6 pieces – 3 shorter ones lining up with each other, and three longer pieces that lined up. Now we painted all of the Ivar pieces white.

We put all the pieces together and added the crossbrace to strengthen the unit. L brackets were added to the top of the side units. Then we screwed the Lagan countertop onto the L brackets.

As you can see above, I miscalculated how long the countertop would be. So we went back to Ikea and got Gorm pieces and some baskets. We screwed the Gorm extension post and tried on the baskets. (I’m sure there is a better way to attach them. But they aren’t going anywhere, so we were satisfied.)

It was really easy to put together. And we are very happy with it overall! It fits all of our appliances, dry food, and pots and pans.

See more of Lauren’s chopping block.

~ Lauren Ellis

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3 Responses to White chopping block

  1. Ombeline says:

    Hi there, do you think this hack would support a microwave ? Like 30 pounds (15kg) ? We’re looking to replicate the idea …

  2. Nekko Lovely says:

    Brilliant hack! I have been looking for the best solution to lack of surface space and storage in my own kitchen, and the chopping block surface is perfect.

  3. Printer cartridges says:

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