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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Alicia’s store-it-all desk

Materials: Faktum (Akurum) 5 drawer base cabinet, Faktum pull-out larder cabinet, Applad drawer fronts, Numerar white/aluminium effect worktop, Grip handles

Description: I work from home on my invitation design business Akimbo. Since the office is small we had to make all of the space work hard, which meant a traditional desk didn’t fit the bill. Instead, we hit up the Ikea kitchen department for the perfect combo.

The cabinets are designed to be put on feet, making it too high for a desk. However you can’t just plonk them straight on the floor (as we were initially intending to do) because the drawers won’t open properly. We glued on some timber blocks in each corner of the cabinets to elevate them off the carpet.

Using a benchtop that could be cut to length maximised desk space and ensured a perfect fit. Plus, when we move somewhere larger we only need to replace the top. To prevent the desktop sliding around (but without permanently attaching it) we screwed on a couple of tiny L-shaped brackets.

The drawers on the right contain stationery and my vast array of art supplies. To free up desk space, the pull-out cabinet on the left houses my monster A3 printer, scanner and paper. We attached a magnet so that the drawer can attach to it, otherwise the drawer would just slide in and out when the printer was doing its thing! We drilled holes in the back for cords (making sure they were long enough when the drawer was pulled all the way out), plus holes for ventilation.

I love it and can happily work here all day.

See more of Alicia’s desk.

~ Alicia Murphy, Adelaide, Australia

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9 Responses to Alicia’s store-it-all desk

  1. I saw your office in other blogs, and looking for some Ikea hack using kitchen parts I was surprised to see it here!
    I’d love to better understand the printer installation. I own an A3 Epson 2800 and look for a way to hide it and everything else to keep my office neat (since it’s shared with my dining area…
    Perfect job!

  2. Harry Palmer says:

    Pretty well done and inspirating work.

    Has anyone here done a similar job with some Lliartop elements ? I’m looking forward quite the same thing as ALicia’s desk, but with a touch of the “Matha’s Vineyards” cosy spirit that Lliartop gives…

  3. helsalee says:

    Very nice design of the office desk and also your set up looks very beautiful.
    Office desk

  4. This is exactly what I need for my home office! Thanks for the idea.

  5. carpet says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the prettiest desks I have ever seen. Great job!!!

  7. Love it, a variation of this could make a good sewing table, perhaps with a glass top to double it’s use as a light box in the middle as well…

  8. MrTrick says:

    Good work on the printer/scanner storage! Will have to try something like that, if I can find a drawer big enough for my laser printer.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You have gorgeous work in your etsy shop! I love your studio too. Very bright and clean.

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