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Double decker Frosta side table with integrated lighting

Materials: Frosta Stool x 2, Antifoni Work Lamp, Angle Brackets x 4, Cord Tidy x 2

Description: Using a couple of Frosta stools and an Antifoni lamp, I’ve created a Frosta side table with a built in light.

I wanted an small side table with a lamp on it – however simply placing a lamp on top was going to take up far too much valuable surface space.

The Antifoni lamp was perfect for my needs, as the lamp base and arm are detachable – and the arm can easily be inserted into a hole drilled into the Frosta top. For best results, drill a hole in line with a leg, as you’ll be able to secure the lamp power cable to the leg later.

Just remember not to drill the hole too wide, as you’ll want the lamp to be a secure fit (though if you do – a length of insulation wrapped a few times around the arm before being inserted into the drilled hole will help). Once in place, you’ll be able to swivel the arm freely.

The lower shelf, from a second Frosta stool, is secured in place using four angle brackets, one for each leg.

A couple of cord tidies stuck on the back of one leg to keep the power cable neat and out of sight, and you’re done!

(And in case anyone is wondering, the headphones are on a couple of superb Sieveking Sound Omega headphone stands – details here)

~ Steve, Sydney, Australia

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16 Responses to Double decker Frosta side table with integrated lighting

  1. Ian Khoo says:

    Not trying to troll, just wondering why you didn’t use this $20 lamp instead:

    Is the weight a problem? :3

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have one Frosta stool which I love. I went back to Ikea today for some more and they no longer carry them. They are not on the website either. :(

  3. Jose A says:

    Hi all. So, to me those speakers stands just kind of look like upside down magazine racks. So I found this rack that is a bit too wide, but if you buy one, don’t install the metal pieces, turn it upside down, and cut it in half you have 2 fairly close headphone stands.

  4. Kashyap says:

    great hack! i’m definitely looking forward to do this. do you think this would work as well with a LACK side table because it’s made of (pathetically light) particle board?

    and @Tony: agreed! lol

  5. Tony says:

    OMG! Those headphone stands are $179 each, here in the US!! Can somebody hack them, please?

  6. Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog says:

    great lamp, very functional for homes as well as offices where immediate light is needed – the headphone stand is too good, sleek and modern

  7. Steve says:

    Thanks all for the kind feedback! Yep the headphone stands area a nice touch – shame you can’t get those from IKEA!

    Chouf – very happy to have inspired someone, I’ve got plenty of ideas from this site, so it’s nice to give back!!

    Tim’s tip is a good one – I also drilled the hole from the underside which wasn’t wise! Drilling from the top would have been much wiser!

    Terence – the camera is just an entry level Canon – but using a really nice 100mm macro.

    Now if I only knew what to hack with the 4 leftover legs and the lamp base?

  8. Robert says:

    Oh sorry guys i didnt’t see the Link for the Earphone Stands ;)

  9. Robert says:

    Hey, where i can buy ths Earphone Stands ?

    Sorry for my Babd English Im from Germany :)

  10. chouf says:

    We have two old dusty frosta as night tables. They are perfect size but we are lacking light and a little bit more storage. Your solution is perfect for me. I’ll go to Ikea this week-end and make two of these.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea !!

  11. Scott Jay says:

    The headphone stands certainly are attention grabbing. Sieveking Sound Headphone Stand Omega, yes? Tres cool.

  12. Terence Wong says:

    You got a nice camera to take those pictures – let me guess full frame?

  13. Tim Gray says:

    Note: when drilling wood put heavy masking tape on the wood to avoid blowing out the edges of the hole as seen in the photos. you get a cleaner hole. Even cleaner would be using a proper wood drilling bit instead of a cheapie store general purpose bit.

    Overall a very neat idea. a lot of different lamps could be used with this concept.

  14. DJinny says:

    Very nice hack, but as you guessed… the stands are kinda stealing the show!!!!!!

    Are they ever gorgeous!!

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