Published on July 12th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Video projector shelf

Materials: 4×2 Expedit shelf, 2 Expedit doors inlays, 4 extra strong brackets, screws

Description: I was looking for a solution to wall mount my video projector, together with a computer and hide all cabeling, so I came accros the solution to wall mount a heavy expedit shelf with some extra strong brackets.

Because the Expedit doors inlays does not fit together with the brackets I just screwed the doors directly to the shelf.

With the old inlay stuff I build a angel adjustment for the video projector, a cable hideout for the computer and a hideout for my DVB-T amplifier.

~ Marcus Carl, Germany

CAUTION! Unless you know what you are doing, please DO NOT attempt to mount heavy furniture on the wall. ~ Jules

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7 Responses to Video projector shelf

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks fantastic, and I like your taste in games. :)

  2. Marcus Carl says:

    I do have brick walls. I drilled about 12x8mm holes in them to hold the weight.

    The projector has its exhaust to the front so there is no hot air problem.

    Hanging in horizontal position seems to be stable since srcews and pins are also in horizontal position. If this fails I would see at least a little bending fist.

  3. Robby Derks says:

    I strongly recommend that you place some extra brackets under the bottom shelve. I work at IKEA and we’ve tested it. The top shelve will hang but the rest will come down in time. Expedit isn’t ment to be hanged on walls.

  4. Tim Gray says:

    I strongly recommend cutting a 3 inch hole at the back of that shelf to allow air to circulate up to the projector. It will increase bulb life significantly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that in Germany, walls are usually made of concrete or bricks. They are a lot sturdier than the average US walls made of wood panels.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Um, looks nice, but I hope it doesn’t fall on you!

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