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Akurum cat cabinets

Materials: Akurum 21″ base cabinets w/ drawers, Abstrakt doors, Svep handles

Description: My wife and I have been wanting to hack Ikea for a long time, in an effort to wrangle our cats’ litter and food (not only to keep the house cleaner, but also to keep our dog from grabbing late-night litter snacks). Knowing that cats can get picky when it comes to where they do their business, I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t have any less room to use the box than they had previously with their covered litter pans.

After constructing two Akurum base cabinets (making sure they were wide enough to accommodate our largest litter pan), I used the jigsaw to cut a 7″ x 9″ hole out of each one. Originally I was going to make the holes on the outer-facing sides of the cabinets. However, I was fortunate to stumble upon an “as-is” countertop at Ikea for $30. Aligning the cabinets to the edges of the countertop allowed me to make the portholes on the interior sides; this way I don’t have to worry about what other furniture surrounds them and the portholes are always accessible.

As a bonus, I picked up a spice rack (Rationell Variela) that fits perfectly inside the cabinet; it’s the new cat food trough!

~ Steve

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11 Responses to Akurum cat cabinets

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really a neat solution. I personally wouldn’t worry about food and litter being to close, but I guess if you have a picky cat and there’s a problem, the entrance hole for the food cabinet could be made in the bottom instead – if the cabinet feet are tall enough. Could also be a solution for a heavier cats.

  2. Angelique says:

    I love this idea. Nice and neat and will prevent our dog from eating all the cats food. I couldn’t believe that the cat could fit in between though and still jump up to get in.

  3. snayl says:

    This is brilliant! Well done!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! I am so inspired. I live in a small studio, and my table by necessity is beside the litter box. This would be a good solution… and side benefit of no litter tracking!!! I think you could amp up the design as well but putting a vent in there with some charcoal pads for smell reduction.

  5. carapim says:

    that’s cute, but i don’t think that putting food and litter so close is a good idea, cat’s don’t appreciate it (neither do we ;) )and though they can see better than us at night, they also need some light to see. still i liked it and i might use it :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Carol – Cats can see better in the dark than in the light so no need for that.

  7. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    I like it! Way to keep the cat’s weight in check too, having to slither in between the cabinets to the holes!

  8. Fog says:

    This is terrific! Especially helpful because I have 2 dogs who like to eat from the 2 cats’ food AND litter containers–ugh. Plus I really like the countertop hack for extra workspace in a small basement. Thank you!

  9. You can always put a small cabinet light with a motion sensor on it. It would go on when they jump in. though, our cats prefer dark rooms, so I am not sure they would care too much. This is a great idea, I will be heading to Ikea this weekend.

  10. I wonder about ‘light’? Do you think the cats need some?

  11. miolann says:

    This is so great! You can choose which doors you want, you don’t need to make holes to the doors if they are pretty. Thanks!

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