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Ikea snow boots

The blue bag halter dress must have inspired some to put the scissors to the hardy bag. Here’s a raincoat featured on the Ikeahacks group on Instructables. (We have some amazing projects there, don’t forget to check it out.) And now, we have snow boots!

Megan faced over two feet of snow in Pittsburgh and no snow boots for Superboy. That’s when Ikea hacking creativity kicked in. The boots are not what you’ll wear on a regular basis but for the little emergency, it did the trick.

“Unfortunately, my son’s snow boots and pants were left at his nursery school.  My husband created waterproof snow boots/leggings out of an ikea bag and packing tape.  The key was using the bottom corner of the bag for the toe (these are over my son’s sneakers) then wrapping around his legs and securing with tape.”

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11 Responses to Ikea snow boots

  1. Todd says:

    Amazing idea..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of my friend’s solution to a snowy day. He wrapped his feet in bread bags, shoved them in a pair of tennis shoes and proceeded to frolic in the snow.

  3. For a moment I thought it’s this year’s model of a superman’s costume – the way the boots match his t-shirt. Your husband is sure a hands-on dad!

  4. deighv heart says:

    this picture is also posted on a fantastic blog called ‘i hate my parents’.

    so funny.

  5. LostInTraslation...Literally says:

    NOW thats RECYCLING. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I use the blue bags (and a yellow one I stole) as laundry bags. Perfect size for a large-ish load of laundry, waterproof, and goes over your shoulder for the walk downstairs.

  7. Dustin says:

    I have to say I didnt even think of it as an Ikea Hack, but I use the blue bags of goodness as luggage-liners on my touring motorcycle. Just in case the hard-sided should leak during a ride (it’s happened) the blue ikea bag takes the hit. They’re amazingly pretty water resistant!

    For my bike bags I took the extra step of painting the outside of the bag with a thin coat of mucilage cuz it’s waterproof but also flexible. Just another blue-bag tip to share! :)

  8. DJinny says:

    I’ll know what to do if i’m in trouble in a few feet of snow!

  9. thecato18 says:

    im sure the school bully had a field day with your son’s new hip boots =]

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