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Xbox wheel hack

Happy 2010! Hope you’re taking time out to ring in the new year. Or are you just chilling and playing games? Then, you should check out what Alejandro did with his Xbox. Thanks Rosa for sending it in.

“Recently my friend Alejandro was given an Xbox wheel as a present. At first he wanted to buy a PlaySeat, but it was way too expensive, so he decided to have a look at the Ikea catalog and here is the idea he came up with.”

Alejandro says, “I had a look at the Ikea catalog and decided to buy the following:
- Pello chair (25, $49.99)
- Dave laptop table (19.95, $17.99) 
- Brada laptop support (3.99, $2.49) 
The only thing I had to do was to puncture a hole in the Brada support and pass the table’s central leg through it. Then I used a couple of screws to attach the pedals to the Brada.

At first the table was leaning, but I balanced it using the pedals. I’m very pleased with the result! All for about 50 euros or $70! Plus, when you are not using the wheel you have a very comfortable chair to read or watch TV (as you don’t hack the chair or attach it to the table, you can still use it on its own). And even better, the table is adjustable in height, so you can skip buying the Pello, save a few bucks, and use any chair or sofa you already have at home (and then you’d only spend 25 / $20).”

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17 Responses to Xbox wheel hack

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s an amazing idea and i got it! But how did you puncture the hole? This hole makes me crazy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks mate. I was about to drop $229 AU on a driving stand! Bought the items this morning took about 20 mins to make and is awesome. I can finally enjoy Forza 3 with out dragging a table into the front room or have the nasty experience of playing on my lap and the wife is happy too! Cheers

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice contruction !
    But how do you manage to get in and out of the chair ??

  4. Anonymous says:


    i bought myself:
    a Pello (IKEA -> € 19,90)
    and 2 wooden bars
    and a couple of screws…

    paid less than € 50,-
    PERFECT racing feeling ! ! !

  5. Steve says:

    I’ve just bought one of these after trying out the table mate II for a little while but finding it a bit to flimsy.
    I have a logitech dfgt and the weight of that made the Dave table tip forward a bit so I decided to mount the table top the other way around (you just need to break off a little locating pin) and this makes it so much more stable by shifting the weight of the wheel closer to the table leg. This also allows me to bring the pedals closer and the push the wheel further away since the stand is now also the opposite way around and the shorter of the 3 base legs doesn’t obstruct the pedal box.
    Awesome solution, very happy that I now don’t need to spend 100+ quid on a wheel stand pro! Thanks IKEA!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    the table is a little too light for the Driving Force GT…
    vibrations and steering-moves will make the DAVE swing, so u have to modify the construction if u wanna use a logitech-wheel (or anyone else) with ForceFeedback ! ! !

  7. Evin Kedisi says:

    That’s a great idea!!! I have that table from Ikea and I love to use it for my lap top.

  8. Alejandro says:

    To Henrique:

    Haven’t tried the Logitech G25, but I’ve used my Microsoft wheel with force feedback at max strength and it worked fine as your feet are applying pressure to the base. Anyway, if it still leans to the sides try adjusting the table to a lower height (lower height = lower center of gravity = higher stability), plus your knees will be holding it at the sides.

  9. massj says:

    Absolutely great, I was looking how to build an homemade driving seat

  10. Henrique says:

    Hi there!

    I’ve seen this hack and loved it as I thought it would solve a big problem that I have in my living room, but… I use a Logitech G25 wheel which has quite strong force feedback function. I went to IKEA to buy the items for this hack but I found that maybe it wont be stable enough for my steering wheel. On the other hand, once the weight of our feet is applied on the pillar of the table, maybe it will stabilize the hole thing. What do you guys have to say? Is it stable enough so that you can turn the wheel without sending the hole thing flying out the window? ;) I am know using a Mikael table with the wheels and shelve removed and it’s very good for stability but not so good for looks and space management…. I will post a hack on this Mikael thing. Thanks a lot! Henrique

  11. Nod says:

    This post is a God send!

    I am a total manchild and love my Xbox almost as much as I love my beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately she would probably strangle me if I spent £150+ on a special racing seat to play Forza 3 with but this is an IDEAL compromise!

    She gets a fancy Ikea chair for occasional use and I get a super awesome gaming setup that my friends and I can enjoy for hours and hours while I should be doing the washing up or planning a wedding or something.


  12. nr14 says:

    Nice and funny:)

  13. joel says:

    bought the table and the laptop support today! works great. thanks!

  14. DJinny says:

    Awwww! guys and video games…

    Still pretty clever!

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