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Gorm bed hack

Markus and Carmen hack a bed out of the Gorm shelving units. Looks sturdy enough. With loads of underbed storage.

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14 Responses to Gorm bed hack

  1. Sam_G says:

    I guess it looks ok but is it safe to use? Do you plan on building a headboard ?

  2. Markus says:

    I took the normal 174cm gorm posts and sawed them into two pieces that’s why you can’t find them at Ikea.

    For the stability: It’s not showing in the pictures
    that I additionally took two 174cm gorm posts and
    connected them as a X horizontally between all four corners. This improved stability a lot.

    I’ve build the Bed around April 2007 and it’s still not wobbling, shaking or instable although together we have currently > 180kg. I believe it’s more stable then a MALM bed.

    And yes, it’s love safe : we are currently awaiting the birth of our child ;-)

  3. micheal says:

    that’s nice site.

  4. Bopp Bags says:

    Not sure it is practical to load an adult! ;)

  5. sara says:

    Ah the bed needs a mid beam!! or else the slats will fall through in the middle, they’re not designed to hold the weight of the matress let alone the sleeper..

  6. Study Furniture says:

    Very nice. Practical, well made and looks good. Awesome!

  7. trek says:

    Hate to have to say it, but I agree with the other commenters: this does not look structurally sound to me. Some truss reinforcement, perhaps?

    Cool idea in theory, though.

  8. I love the concept of your blog! I, too, am a devote fan of Ikea! Some of their furniture are works of art; however, some are simply pieces of crap. Often times when I build something from Ikea, I get ideas on how this the particular design can be modified to server another purpose. Regardless, lots of their furniture has met my the interior design reqs for various rooms in my house. I always tell people Ikea is the place for people that are creative and can’t afford a interior designer. With your blog, it makes this even more evident! Thanks!

    -Maurizio Maranghi

  9. Disco Jess says:

    the bed looks neat, I just wonder what height post those are, I can only find the taller ones??

  10. DerU. says:

    Is this … lets say ‘love safe’? ;)

  11. Anonymous says:

    This looks very frightening and nothing like sturdy. How about some cell-phone video of the user doing a mount and dismount?

  12. Anon says:

    I also agree that this does not look safe.
    Not to mention, the wasted room in the back corner. Building shelves and then putting them ot of reach is not a good idea. Building a set of drawers on wheels that slide out frm under the bed? Better idea.

  13. trebomb says:

    This is not even close to being proper construction for a bed!

  14. Victor says:

    Nice idea and probably a great den for kids.
    As for the stability, those X-braces will make a big difference to stop any wobbling, but how is it in practice?

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