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Besta toy storage

Elena and Markus are total Ikea addicts who hacked this Besta storage for toys.

“We bought two Besta shelf units last spring and wanted to use them to store the kids’ toys in the living room.

Unfortunately you cannot have this unit with two drawers, because the drawers are a little less than half the height and a little more than 1/3, so it just does not work and we went for the drawer+door solution with Grip handles for the drawers on top and push latches for the doors at the bottom.

It turns out that those push latches are not so easy to open, especially for kids and also that those Norum doors are so wide that the hinges cannot really hold them up properly, so the whole thing did not look really nice, with the doors at the bottom hanging down in the middle.

So, inspired by this hack we bought 4 Inreda drawers without front and had a carpenter fix the Norum doors to fit the drawers!”

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10 Responses to Besta toy storage

  1. miq says:

    I have a multimedia Besta, which is not produced anymore. Is the same as the regular, but shorter, so the standard drawers for Besta can’t fit in there (they can, but they just left a very shelf on top, then).
    Any of you know a solution for this? Any other drawers I could use?

  2. Matze says:

    @ Hans!

    Have a look for the Stuva corpus – this is the same series as Besta, but just 50 cm deep – for sure you can use the Besta front. :-)

  3. Nana says:

    Such a great hack! I have big Besta in a corner but not enough space to open a door at the bottom. So I searched for a solution. Inreda drawers would fit but I didn’t want to buy an Inreda with front, because I didn’t want to have those small fronts in combination to normal doors on the top. Because I want a straight and equal look.
    So thank you for the perfect solution. I will buy an Inreda drawer without front, too and close it with a Besta Vara door front. Genious!

  4. Hans says:

    Do you think it is possible to use the deeper AV drawers (49 cm deep instead of 40cm) in the cabinets? I want to add a kitchen counter top, 50cm deep at the top of this setup. It would add another 9 cm of toys for the kids.

  5. Catharina says:

    THANKS for sharing, this idea solved our problem, and we are at this very moment compiling our Bestå storage bench with cupboard doors instad of “drawer fronts”. Hopefully I have measured neatly enough… I can’t understand why IKEA doesn’t see the need for full drawers?!

  6. Elena says:

    Hallo Olivia, yes, we used the same norum doors for the drawers at the top and for the doors at the bottom. they are a bit more expensive but they look so much nicer in the living room than the other plain white ones!

  7. Olivia says:

    What a fabulous adaptation. May I please ask: Did you use the same style Norum doors (different size) for the pull-out drawers at the top? Thankyou. I can’t wait to do this myself.

  8. chelle6 says:

    I love this I had the same problem frustrated that I couldn’t have drawers at the bottom so just got cupboard doors. I may just have to go get me some drawers and copy this solution. Thanks it’s genius!!

  9. furniture says:

    A lovely idea I would say…because storage for children is an issue and this is a wonderful way of keeping them.Love the cupboards.

  10. Lacey says:

    What a great blog! I love projects like these..

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